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“A Dual Citizen” When The Doctor Becomes The Patient

Written by Dr. Debra Copit. Posted in Women's Health.

Healthy living Breast Cancer

On the evening of Wednesday, March 9, 2011, I sat down with my family to watch television after a typical day at work. I’d performed ultrasounds and examined mammograms that day, as Director of Breast Imaging at Einstein Healthcare Network in Philadelphia, and reviewed some of my research into 3-D mammography.

A Metastatic Breast Cancer Story

Written by Lynn Wyatt. Posted in Women's Health.

Lynn Wyatt and her familyI had the most amazing fortieth birthday party. Ever. There were fireworks and not one, but two visits by the local police. People from all over my life were there. There was dancing to Duran Duran, Run DMC and Billy Idol. The last thing on my mind that day was my mortality.

Breast Cancer Myths & Trends

Written by LWM Staff. Posted in Women's Health.

Myth #1: Breast cancer is one disease.
There are many forms of breast cancer based in part on genetic characteristics, and each form of breast cancer has a different prognosis. Tumor testing can help determine the appropriate medicine and timing of treatment needed to treat the disease most effectively.

What Foods to Eat When Pregnant - Get the Facts

Written by Roger Noonan. Posted in Women's Health.

Foods to eat when pregnant is a very broad topic. Let us look at how the right choice of pregnancy nutrition can give you and your unborn baby the best possible journey towards that special day when he or she draws their very first breath.

How many times have you heard a woman say that she is "eating for two now?"This is not quite true, but she must eat the correct food to make sure that she has adequate levels of nutrition for the two of them. After all, the baby can only get what the mother's body is able to provide through the umbilical chord, its lifeline.

C-Section Prevention, More Comfortable Pregnancies and Easier Births With Chiropractic!

Written by Dr. Scott Rosenthal. Posted in Women's Health.

          Celeste was expecting. She felt great and welcomed each miraculous change. The baby moved easily into to the head-down position. She walked comfortably with a steady confidence throughout her last trimester. The delivery was easy and beautiful. Her midwife commented on the joy of assisting in such a wonderful delivery experience. Her recovery quickly unfolded.

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