A Vision Quest for Optimum Health!

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A Vision Quest for Optimum Health!

What is the SECRET to OBTAINING YOUR DESIRES, you ask?  If you are asking any self-help or "road to success" writer, motivational speaker or empowerment guru, the answer will always include one vital process.  Read ancient philosophical texts or religious writings, and the wisdom of getting what you desire would include that same ingredient:  Build a clear VISION of the desired outcome or object.  The use of visioning has, and has long been, a powerful tool for attracting information and the objects or state of mind and body you desire.

 The adage is correct… “If you can see it, you can be it!”  Surely more important than attracting material wealth or possessions into our lives, the visioning process may be used to enhance the level of our health.


A local expert on the visioning process was kind enough to share her knowledge and insights.  This process is central to her spiritual practice and the services that she co-conducts with Anna Marie Trotman at the Awakened Heart Spiritual Center in Wilmington.  Our interview focused on the practice of using guidance to create a vision and using the Law of Attraction to gain improved levels of health.  It is a technique that stands independently and does not infringe on any religious or philosophical affiliations. 


Dr. Kathleen Johnson received a Bachelors Degree in Psychology and a Masters Degree in Counseling from the University of Delaware, and worked for 10 years as an accountant and 15 years as a school counselor.  After attending Ministry School at CCL in Moorestown, NJ, Dr. Johnson received her Doctorate in Religious Studies.


Dr. Rosenthal: What is the visioning process?

Dr. Kathleen Johnson:

It is a technology used to access a power/intelligence greater than our self.  This Intelligence responds to our thoughts and beliefs in a continuous feedback loop.  We experience what we believe and focus on, and we can access this power with intention and focus to answer any questions we have.  

Can anybody use the visioning process?

Yes, if he/she is willing to grow and change for the vision to manifest, and if he/she understands the process. We, at Awakened Heart Spiritual Center, will be teaching a class on visioning in the near future. 

How can people use this process to better the quality of their health?

Any time you follow the guidance [from the higher power] and are living in Vision, you are building a healthier lifestyle.  You are being called to change and grow to be more of your authentic self.  You can also use the process more specifically for health if you choose.  Sit in the silence and contemplate: "What is the higher Vision of me as one who is vitally healthy?  What does it look, feel, and sound like?"   You may then see yourself looking trim and fit, feeling full of energy, hiking the Inca Trail in Peru, laughing, enjoying the scenery, feeling clear-minded, peaceful, joyful, Salsa dancing, off at a yoga retreat or able to do nearly any physical activity that you choose.  Now go back into the silence, ask, "How must I grow? How must I change?  What must I release? What must I become for vibrant health to be realized in my life?"  The vision acts as a powerful force, motivating you to shift and transform your thought structure.  When we adopt healthier thought patterns, our emotions and actions flow from that healthy place.  This is the key:  All lasting change begins in consciousness - attitudes, beliefs and thoughts.  We vibrationally attract or repel life experiences that mirror our beliefs or thought structure.  This is the Law of Attraction that we heard about in the movie, "The Secret." 

Please describe the steps of the visioning process.

1.  Begin with statements of Truth about Ultimate Reality, an affirmative prayer: There is a higher intelligence. All that exists emanates from that intelligence.  It surrounds me and informs me at all times. 

2.  I give myself time to sit in silence to receive guidance. 

3.  I now listen for guidance, and I ask the question, "What is the highest vision of me as vibrantly healthy?"   Without editing, I write down all I see, feel, and hear.  This is the guidance.  If you don't see pictures, you may get feelings, hear an inner voice, or have thoughts.   Everyone is different as to how they receive guidance. 

4.  I now slip back into the silence and ask the remaining questions, "how must I grow, what must I become, what must I release, for the vibrant, healthy new me to be realized?"  Again, without editing, take dictation on the guidance you receive. 

5.  Perform affirmations based on step number four.   For example, if your vision process reveals the truth that you are whole and perfect, you would create an affirmation such as, “I now allow that wholeness to be revealed as vibrant health.”  Another sample affirmation would sound like, “I now take loving care of my body by feeding it nourishing foods, exercising it daily, living a healthy balanced lifestyle, and entertaining thoughts that uplift me.”

Again, thanks to Dr. Kathleen Johnson for sharing this information.  Regular use of the VISIONING PROCESS can have profound effects on all aspects of your life.  It dissolves the old story of how we may see ourselves.  By asking for guidance, listening and utilizing the Law of Attraction, a HEALTHIER VISION can be the best answer for a HEALTHIER YOU!

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