Just Do It! 8 Steps To Transform Your Life

It sounds simple doesn’t it? Just do it! Nike’s famed line, a battle cry for transformation. Yet if you have ever been stuck in neutral, saying, “just do it” is about effective as going to the casino to win enough money to make your monthly mortgage payment. There is truth and power in the phrase but not a solution. All to often we buy a book, get an inspiring email, or watch a movie about a secret and think; “now my life will change”. The truth of the matter is nothing ever will change until you change it. Today we will learn not only why we fail to change it but also how to effectively change. I must warn you. To do so takes courage, honesty, and faith. Are you ready?

If so, read on. If not, don’t read any further just rip the article out of the Living Well and save it for when you are ready. For now, I will assume you are ready so I will continue.  

Changing is hard. Got it? How do we know this? Because if it was easy then everyone would do and I would be in a different line of work. Now that we know that changing is hard, it just got easier. Confused? Good! When we expect something to be easy and then in the middle it gets hard, we tend to pull back. So by knowing it is hard from the get go, we know to expect challenges and we can prepare for them. It is like having children.  We know it won’t be easy and the truth is we don’t know what to expect, but in most cases we figure it out. Imagine how hard it would be if we thought it would be easy?  

So why is it hard? Mostly because the life that we are living, regardless of how much we don’t like it, is familiar to us. We may hate the pain of where we are at but at least we know what to expect. It is the devil that we know versus the devil that we don’t know. To change we must learn how to rethink how we think, find new ways of meeting physical and emotional needs, and trust that those needs will be met in the future regardless of what happens. That is where we must be courageous. When the voices inside tell us to turn back or give up, we must push forward.  

Honesty comes into play when we take inventory of our lives. We seek to find what is working and what is not. We face our fears, doubts, and our inadequacies. Ignorance is bliss and it also won’t get you what you want. You must live with your head out of the sand as you seek the truth. The truth is that you are more then what you have become and it is time for you to become more.  

Now for the action - here are the questions you need to answer, the steps you need to take: 

Step 1 - What area do you want to focus on? Be specific. Specificity is the key.  

Step 2 - What specific change do you need to make? 

Step 3 - What has been preventing you from making this change so far? 

Step 4 - What is the price you are paying by not changing? 

Step 5 - How will you benefit from creating this change? 

Step 6 - What are 10 actions/decisions that must be done to move you in the direction of what you wish to change? Then prioritize them.

Step 7 - Take action on number one, then move on to number two, then three, four, etc.  

Step 8 - Don't stop until you reach all 10 then create 10 more action and repeat until you achieve Step 2. 

Yes, there are ways you can speed up your process. Finding individuals who have achieved the same result as you are seeking and modeling yourself after them. The right coach can guide you, help change your limiting beliefs, and give you the accountability needed to stay on track. 

The bottom line is that if you want to change you must begin today by taking action. But saying and doing is two different things. You must commit, fully to your journey. Dabblers never get what they want because they never stick it out long enough. You must believe that you are worth more. Worth more to yourself and to those you love. There is huge price that you pay by not living authentically. This is problematic because we get only one go round in life. Every breath you take leads you closer to you last. You don’t want your last breath to be “I wish I only did…” 

I wish you a month of love and passion. 


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