How Technology and Health Influences The Beer Industry

Written by Sean Strauss. Posted in TECH-ADDICTED.

Technology and BeerTechnology has worked its way into every aspect of human life.  Everything from health to toys- to infinity and beyond.  Researchers of the future may consider our generation as an evolution point where smart phone and person have become one.  Through sites like Twitter and Facebook, never ending conversations have been started about everything under the sun, as well as the sun.  Trends come and go daily, one thing that was popular a week ago can become something that is lost and forgotten on the World Wide Web.   In this article, we are going to be covering a topic that is near and dear to many, Beer.  For American’s Friday could be considered a national beer holiday after a long week of work.  Technology has become a big part of the drinking process, so that people can drink more responsibly, more stylishly, and more healthily.

A topic of discussion that doesn't seem to be going anywhere is about the effects of gluten on the human body.  There are very mixed opinions about this topic, but the consensus seem to be that gluten is something many people could do without.  Many companies are capitalizing on this health trend by offering products that are gluten free.  For those of you that are not up to date with the gluten fad, let me tell you a little bit about what gluten is.  Gluten is a protein that is found in wheat. For people that suffer from Celiac disease or gluten intolerance will produce symptoms of stomach pain, gas, and nausea that do not go well with being out at the bar and drinking.  Fortunately, there are beer companies  offering products that allow the gluten intolerants of the world to drink beer without fear of getting the symptoms. 

Beer is made from 4 basic ingredients: water, barley, yeast, and hops.  Those ingredients are then fermented to produce the alcohol and the flavor.  Upon arriving at the point in which the fermentation process occurs, the beer company, Omission, when getting to this point does something unconventional. By adding, a special enzyme called Brewers Clarex, it works to break the bonds of the gluten protein chain.  This is what takes the gluten out of Omission beer, making Omission a good beer option for people who have allergies to gluten as well as those health conscious people who have simply chosen to eliminate gluten from their diet.  I have to be honest, to me in my laymen thinking, gluten free = diminished flavor, and although there is no sound reasoning behind that, that’s what I have always thought when I hear gluten free.  I am happy to report that gluten free does not diminish the flavor at all, in fact if someone gave me a an Omission beer and a regular beer I would never be able to identify the Omission beer as being the gluten free product. Omission is a delicious beer giving the beer market a gluten free option that hasn’t omitted flavor in the process. 

Safety is a very important aspect of going to the bar and drinking, unfortunately alcohol usually leads to making bad decisions, like driving under the influence.  Driving drunk is not safe for you the driver or other people that are on the road.  Smart party goers will have a designated driver to get them from point A to point B, but if none were available to you; a smart choice would be to use a portable breathalyzer.  

The Breeze, is a portable wireless breathalyzer that fits comfortably on your keychain and connects directly with your smart phone.  This allows the user to make a more informed decision about their current intoxication levels.  Through the accompanying app, which tracks your drinking habits, it will let you know an approximate time in which you will be sober enough to drive.  In the case where you can’t wait that long the app lets you connect with cab services or Uber to find yourself a safe ride home.  It will also suggest restaurants that are near to you that will allow you to wait until you get back to a safe blood alcohol content.  If you need more than just food, it will also suggest local places that you can stay for the night.  If you are a tech addict like me, as well as a beer fanatic, the Breeze could turn out to be a cool accessory and a lifesaving option.  

Let’s face it, there is nothing like a cold beer after a long week of work.  After reading this article, we should be equipped with the knowledge and technology to enjoy beer healthily and safely.  Please drink responsibly, see you at the bars!!!

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