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Releasing Your Inner InhibitionsThrough Gaming

Written by Sean Strauss. Posted in Style & Entertainment.

Electronic gaming is not just for KidsDid you receive a new video game console this holiday season and  you didn’t get the games you wanted and you aren’t really sure which games to get? Good news, I have played pretty much every game that came out this video game season, and have narrowed it down to my top 5 game picks of the season.

Vacation Safety Tips

Written by Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. Posted in Travel.

When packing for a family vacation, don’t forget to bring a travel first aid kit and some safety common sense. Sometimes injuries happen while on vacation because families are relaxing and don’t take the precautions they normally would at home. You can create your own travel first aid kit and place the items in a plastic container to keep moisture out.

Heading South For Spring Break? Get Your Feet In Shape Before You Leave.

Written by American Orthapedic Foot & Ankle Society. Posted in Travel.

If you’re among the thousands of vacationers who will soon be trading snow boots for sandals and heading south for spring break, you’ll want to make sure your feet are in good shape before you step off the plane. Maintaining good foot hygiene can make your feet feel better, look better, and may prevent foot infections. According to the American Orthopaedic Foot & Ankle Society (AOFAS) keeping feet healthy by practicing good foot hygiene is vital to long-term comfort and function of the feet.

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