Pronto Smartphone Remote by Peel

Written by Sean Strauss. Posted in TECH-ADDICTED.


A lot of cool devices flow through the offices of Living Well Magazine, the one I am going to be talking about might be the most useful for me to date.  There is one thing in my life that I am confident I will never lose, and that’s my iPhone.  Even if I did misplace it, I could easily find it by having someone call me / my phone or use the “Find my iPhone app”.  

Unfortunately, you can’t do that with your televisions remote control.  No matter what, my remote control is always MIA, whether it’s under the sofa, tangled up in my bed sheets, or in that super secure spot that the remote control is supposed to go, but I have completely forgotten about.  That’s why the Pronto and Peel saves the day, making the universal remotes of yesteryear obsolete.  

The Pronto is a Bluetooth connected IR (infrared energy) receiver that you place across the room from your media equipment and use the Peel remote app to program and control all of your devices without that once essential, remote control.  In reality, the Pronto is a remote “remote control”.  The standard iPhone does not have an IR sensor on it to transmit data to equipment like a television, sound system, or DVD player.  The Peel app gives you complete control of all of those devices and it’s super easy to use and configure.  The app also comes with a TV guide that syncs with your cable provider to show you all of the available live content in a much better way than the standard guide on your Cable Box.  Bluetooth has really changed the way our devices communicate and interact with each other and it keeps getting better and better. I can’t wait to see what’s next.

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