Accell Powramid

Written by Sean Strauss. Posted in TECH-ADDICTED.

Powramid® Power Center and USB Charging Station

For some reason companies that make electronics do not like to share their power with other electronics. Either one of the plugs is oversized and takes over two power outlets or the plug is a weird shape and has to be plugged in to a specific port, which throws off your other plugs, turning a six plug adapter into a potential of three possible plugs. To me that is a silly, dated design that needs to be left in the past. The Powramid is how power strips should have been made all along. This power adapter provides adequate space for your essential electronics to be plugged in. Featuring a round pyramid like design and two USB ports, you will never have to sacrifice your power ports again. With 1080 Joules surge protection and X3 Technology inside you get the best surge protection that is also fireproof. Like I said, this is the way that all power strips should be made and after using this, I am inclined to replace all of my antiquated power strips with the Powramid.

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