Holiday Doom and Decor

Written by karen Jessee. Posted in Organizing.

From October to December, retail brings on the sights, sounds, and smells of the season. The fragrant candles will be up front, the lights will be blinking and the music will all be there to help you open your wallet.   Inspired by the seasonal influx of catalogues and the many people who have given up their basements, garages, spare rooms, and attics to store far too many holiday decorations, I bring you this bit of silly

Oh look, oh look, a catalogue!

And see what’s in the store!
The rusty reds and oranges,
Oh, the holiday décor!

Inhale a whiff of pumpkin spice,
Be seduced by all the sights,
You know  you need, you have to have
All the newest home delights.

A scarecrow for the lawn, a must,
Grab a cackling little witch,
Embrace the colors, sights and sounds,
Turn on that economic switch.

The apples and the cinnamon
Sit among the ghosts and bats.
It’s autumn, the fun time of year,
And you’re one of the fat cats.

More money for more things and stuff,
More placemats with your name,
More holiday decorations please,
So many ways to play this game.

Two months of orange, brown, and gold
Give way to green and red.
Oh, look, a blinking reindeer,
A dancing Santa in a sled!

Boost that failing economy!
Festoon your house with more!
You know you need,  you have to have
The latest twinkle in the store.

Can’t abide the crowds and kids?
Why there’s the internet of course!
With all those savings luring you
You’ll never feel remorse! And look, color-coded bins,
In which to store this stuff.
Get out there and be sure to buy,
You can never have enough!

T’is the season we must decorate,
And order, buy and shop.
The basement and the attic scream
“Hey, don’t you want to stop?

“We’re full of boxes, full of bins,
You’ve collected so much stuff,
Why not try something new this year,
And call the economic bluff?

“Use what you have and downsize,
Give away to those with less,
Don’t be seduced by all you see,
And clear out this awful mess!”

Recycle all those catalogues,
And enjoy the holiday spirit.
From October to December
Why not put some soul into it?

It doesn’t have to be so crazy,
Or such an economic chore.
You can do so much with so much less
And keep piles and boxes off your floor.

Before you bring more into your home,
See what you have already,
Most of what you see out there
Is cheap and oh, so petty.

It wasn’t made in America,
It was made on some distant shore.
Will you be helping anyone
Or  just  accumulating more?

More stuff  like you bought last year?
More things of little use?
More money spent, more money gone?
More credit card abuse?

All those boxes of décor,
Do you  use it all each year?
Or have you found you’re just content
To have a few things near?

I’m not the Grinch, I’m not the Scrooge,
I’m your friendly organizer,
And I see all the results of shoppers
Who could have been a little wiser.

Enjoy the holidays, have lots of fun,
Fill your homes with love and laughter!
For it’s time, peace, and simplicity
We’re really searching after.

They’re not the latest in the store,
They’re not arranged upon a shelf,
They come from being mindful,
And thinking for yourself.

Oh look, oh look, a catalogue!
Such delights and brand new pleasures!
But time, peace, and simplicity
Will always be your greatest treasures.




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