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A good Physical Therapist will not only address your injury, but also the cause of the injury. Far from providing a Shakespeare-style verbal scolding ("I bite my thumb at you!"), a Physical Therapist will address this issue by educating you. This education might include what exercises are contributory to current or potential injuries, how they can be modified and performed safely, appropriate levels of participation for your current fitness level, safe recovery or rest activities, and how to safely incorporate HIIT into your existing exercise or fitness routine. If you want, you can even rock out to Hearts on Fire or Eye of the Tiger while you are doing it. Properly performed HIIT can be a great way to get fit, stay fit, and keep you moving while adding some engaging variety to your routine. Just don't overdo it.


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Danny Singles, PT, DPT, MA

Danny is a sports physical therapist who specializes in manual therapy. His clinical interests include injury prevention, working with sports and orthopedic injuries, pre and post surgical rehab, and working with the pediatric patient population. He attended the University of Delaware for his Doctorate in Physical Therapy. Currently, he works full time as an outpatient sports therapist and provides educational outreach through lectures at local schools and fitness centers. He can be reached at Elite PT in Hockessin, DE at: (302-234-1030) or emailed directly at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. He can also be followed on Twitter (@MoveEqualsLife) for current updates about health and wellness.

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