Hazardous to Your Pet's Health

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Your pets rely on you to protect them from harm. In general, you should only feed your pets food and treats specially formulated for the type of pet that you have. Some human food and drink can make animals sick, so keep them out of your pets’ reach. Here are some examples:

• Alcoholic beverages

• Substances containing caffeine, such as coffee

• Chocolate

• Fatty foods, especially drippings and grease from cooking

• Chicken and turkey bones • Grapes and raisins • Onions • Macadamia nuts

• Salt and sugar • Yeast dough • All medications (aspirin is especially harmful to cats)

Many other things in or around your home can cause serious illness or even death in your pet. Here are some examples:

• Antifreeze

• Bait for rodents

• Batteries (they can contain corrosive fluid)

• Car care products, such as cleaners or oils

• Fertilizer • Household cleaners

• Ice-melting products

• Nicotine products

• Pesticides for insects

• Plants that are toxic to pets

• Pool or pond products

• Poisonous snakes

Other potential dangers in your home include burning candles that may be knocked over, electrical cords that can be chewed, and loose cords or wires that animals may become tangled in. Take a look around your house and make it pet-safe.


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