Soyfoods: do they offer nutritional benefits?

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SoyFoodsDo they offer nutritional benefits? Can they cause health problems? Aren’t all soybeans genetically modified?

Tofu, a well-known but little-understood soyfood product, is the subject of such misconceptions, too. The truth is that tofu offers many health benefits: it’s low in saturated fat, cholesterol-free and is a good source of calcium. Tofu is also a high-quality complete protein that contains all 9 essential amino acids.

It also is possible to find “clean” tofu. House Foods Organic Tofu is certified organic, and made from U.S.-grown soybeans that are GMO-free.

To help make the most of National Nutrition Month, House Foods partnered with Registered Dietitian Lauren Harris-Pincus to clear up confusion of tofu and create tips on how to incorporate it into diets:

1. Make Meatless Monday easy by swapping tofu for your typical meaty meal. Enjoy grilled tofu and veggie kebabs, forego chicken and make tofu parmesan, tofu tacos or make an easy tofu and bean chili.
2. Pump up the plant-based protein in your breakfast with tofu. Add tofu to your smoothie or blend some with frozen bananas, peanut butter and cocoa powder for a delicious breakfast “ice cream”.
3. Choose a complete protein, like the soy protein found in tofu, which contains all nine essential amino acids in the proportions needed for our body to grow and stay strong. Tofu isn’t just for stir-frying – incorporate it into soups, stews, smoothies, salads, pasta dishes and even in dessert.
4. Be kind to your heart by adding more tofu to your diet. According to the FDA, 25 grams of soy protein per day may reduce your risk of heart disease. Add tofu to dishes with other heart healthy ingredients like soy milk and edamame for extra benefit.
5. Join the tofu revolution by including this nutritional powerhouse to your diet. Its neutral taste pairs well with any flavor and you can enjoy it for breakfast, lunch, dinner or dessert. Be sure to pick a brand you can trust – all House Foods Tofu products are made of non-GMO, USA-grown soybeans.
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