Why Would Anyone Walk Barefoot Over 1,200-Degree Coals?

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Why Would Anyone Walk Barefoot Over 1,200-Degree Coals

(The Firewalk Transformation Seminar is a 6-hour seminar that culminates in participants walking barefoot over hot coals.) The answer to the question is easy: you walk for whatever reason compels you. For some, it is to overcome fears and limiting beliefs. For others, it is the metaphor of what is standing in the way of the life that they want. Some see it as pushing the boundaries of what is possible, and others see it as a spiritual journey. Regardless of why someone walks, the Firewalk Transformation is UNFORGETTABLE. 

Although anyone can walk across the coals, it is the fear of turning their feet into burnt toast that keeps them from walking. Now, you may be asking, “What does that have to do with me sitting in an office reading this article?” Everything! Although there isn’t a bed of hot coals in front of you, you may have a hypothetical bed of coals standing in the way of what you really want. Perhaps you want to start your business, but you’re scared to jump in; or maybe you need to tell someone you love exactly what you are feeling, but you are afraid of rejection.  Maybe it is the fact that you must get healthy, but you are afraid to fail again. You see, we all have a bed of hot coals we must cross to get to where we want to be. The question is, “Do you stay stuck, or will you walk?”

Firewalking was made popular by a man named Tolly Burkan. Tolly has trained everyone from Tony Robbins to Dr. Andrew Weil in the art of firewalking.  Tolly often talked of  three keys that I would like to pass on to you, because they can have a huge impact. 


1. Pay Attention. To what? To whatever is most important. Pay attention to what matters most. We tend to pay attention to everything except the things or people that matter, until life forces us to “Pay Attention”. In today’s world of texting, you go to a restaurant and see families all on their phones texting away. Paying attention does not mean we do it and then check it off the list. It means that when we do, we pay attention 100%. Imagine how important this is when you begin to walk over the coals. Focus is a choice, so make sure what you focus on is what matters most.  

2. Expect The Best. How often do we say things like, “Here goes nothing.” So many people expect so little because by doing so they can avoid being disappointed. In some cases, not being disappointed even becomes a victory. You should expect they best because you deserve the best. Each of us do. We deserve everything that life has to offer: financial, emotional, relationship...everything. Yes, it does hurt when you reach and fall short, but that is still better then shortening your reach so you can feel as if you were successful and not get disappointed. Expect the best to receive the best.

3. Go for it. I can’t tell you how many clients come to me for coaching and share with a big smile what they want and why they want it.  I then ask them what actions they have taken to obtain it, and the smile falls away and the room gets silent. When can not stop at the doorway of action. Without action, everything is just dream. All action is not the same. Dabbling won’t give you the result you want. Crappy action = crappy results. So, since you are now expecting the best, it is going to take more than a token action to get the job done. It is an “all in” and “all out” proposition. You will not have great love by being safe and protected. You will not grow your business by dabbling. You will not be healthy by eating fast food and working out once a week. 

If what matters really matters, then roll your sleeves and jump in... go for it... 100%.

Life is filled with firewalks, both small and large. Regardless of whether you ever decide to join me for a Firewalk Transformation, or now you just recognize what is before you, you must get to the other side. Remember along the way to pay attention, expect the best, and to go for it. Be not afraid of failing but of never really trying. I will see you on the other side!

Until next month, 

I wish you love and passion. 

Live Free
            Joe White
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