The Journey To Liberation Overcoming Our Two Core Fears.

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They are within all of us. Two core fears. No matter how different we are or how different we think we are these fears are the same. They drive the actions we take and the actions we won't take. They can either shape us or imprison us. They define our existence and its quality. The two core fears that affect us all are: we are not enough and if we are not enough then we won't get what we really need, love.

The day we were born we were enough, we were loved unconditionally. We were the center of the universe. We received love and attention for just being, it was a simple transaction.  We cried and mommy was there immediately to meet our needs. Actually the deck was stacked in our favor. Mommy had this little thing called oxytocin in running through her body in huge amounts. Oxytocin is nature's way of making sure we were nurtured by our mothers. But eventually the oxytocin returns to normal levels and now when we cry, mommy takes a bit longer to respond. So here we are crying but no now there is no mommy, no attention, no love. We are confused because what used to be enough for us get mommy's love is no longer good enough.  It is in then that we first experience what it feels like to not be enough and we become scared to feel it ever again. Then shortly after that Mommy enters and we feel loved again but the fears are now part of our existence. 

Imagine life if we had not learned this lesson? If we continued on thinking that the universe revolves around us. Never knowing the truth and never having the opportunity to grow. The truth is we are never enough. On the human level we are never enough for ourselves and others. We are perfectly imperfect. We will fall short, mess up, be forgetful.  This is just our human nature. On the spiritual side we are always enough, enough to be loved and enough to give love. It is on our journey of growth that we learn that we are always enough to be loved. We all walk this journey. Some sooner and some later.

Learning this lesson; when and how we do so, is entirely of our choosing. It is often a difficult journey but it is the heat of the fire that forges the strongest of blades. The same is true about our journey. The only way to this get this understanding is to go through the fire. To test the very fear that we have been harboring deep inside. It is only when we reach the other side that we come to realize that our fear is a myth.  Then we take ownership of the truth and we become liberated. We are enough and we are loved. Waiting for us on the other side of the fire is a world of truth, liberation, and love. It is a world of abundance and the understanding that we can freely share our gifts. A world where we know we are truly enough in our soul, enough for those we care about and love. 

Perhaps this is an oversimplified explanation of our core fears but it explains a lot. We can either wait for life to summon us or we can go on our terms. I prefer my own terms. We can choose to seek out the fire and walk willingly. We can love completely.  We can step up when we're in moments of uncertainty.  We can embrace those moments when we are afraid and we can live without being paralyzed by fear.

I wish you a month of love and passion.


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