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remedies to relieve the Poison Ivy itchPoison Ivy can grow on the ground, it climbs and sometimes as a shrub. This is the plant that causes most of the misery since it grows on nearly every roadside, path, pond, stream, and beach But if you know what to look you might be lucky enough to avoid it.
Poison Ivy always grows left and then right . It never has thorns, the leaves are usually shiny and can can be toothed or smooth. When Poison ivy climbs, it uses little hairy roots to attach to surfaces.
The leaves of the poison ivy plant are green in the summer, but can be red, orange, or yellow in the spring and fall. The plant may flower with greenish-yellow blossoms and produce small, green berries that turn white in the fall.
The sap of the poison ivy plant contains an oil called urushiol. This is the irritant that causes an allergic reaction. You don’t even have to come in direct contact with the plant to have a reaction. The oil can be lingering on your gardening equipment, golf clubs, or even your shoes. Brushing against the plant — or anything that has come in contact with it — can result in skin irritation. Generally Poison Ivy does not effect your pets unless they are hairless but they can give it you.
It is recommended that if you know you were exposed to poison ivy to wash the skin as soon as possible -- make sure you wash all of the clothes and anything else that may have contacted the poison ivy.
All of us have laughed when you see someone covered in Pink calamine lotion, but don’t laugh to hard because according to the American Skin Association 85% of the population is allergic to Poison Ivy and about 10 to 15% are extremely allergic.
There are some tried and true methods for relief you can take like over the counter antihistamines so you can sleep at night but there is no cure for Poison Ivy you just have to grin and try not to itch the rash.

home remedies to help the itchHere are some  Home Remedies that might work but our recommendation is to try them all. If you have ever had a bad case of poison ivy that you will know what we mean. 
Baking Soda Baths & Pastes: To help relieve itching, place a cup of baking soda in a bath tub filled with warm water. You can also mix 3 teaspoons of baking soda with one teaspoon of water and mix until it forms a paste. Apply this paste to the infected area.
Oatmeal -make a paste or take a bath in it. Cook the oatmeal, if you are making a paste.
Aloe Vera Gel: Can be used directly on the infected area. You can buy almost anywhere or buy the plant.
Sea Salt Or Take A Dip In The Ocean: Salt is an excellent natural remedy, as it is drying for the skin, and will pull both the excess water and the poison from the body. Make a paste using water and Salt. or you can take a warm salt bath..
Witch Hazel and Rubbing Alcohol: Dabbing a small amount of witch hazel/rubbing alcohol on the infected area offers both cleansing and itch-relief. 
Banana Peel: Many old-wives tales swear by the power of a banana peal for poison ivy. Simply rub the inside of a banana peel onto the affected area. 
Cucumber: Making a cucumber paste and applying it to the skin helps bring soothing relief. you can also slice a piece of a cucumber off and let it dry on the affected area.
Watermelon Rind: Similar to the cooling cucumber, watermelon is also cold on the skin and can help provide itch relief.
Apple Cider Vinegar: Apply directly to the infected skin. Apple Cider Vinegar has a toxin-pulling action that helps suck the poison out of the pores. You can also create a warm vinegar compress using a thin cotton towel. 
Coffee: Pour cold coffee directly onto rash Coffee contains chlorogenic acid, which acts an anti-inflammatory
Dawn liquid: Pour on- wash off. Do it for three days and according to some people it should be gone.
Vodka or Tequila: Apply directly to rash and then drink a shot or two.
Tumeric: Make a paste with lemon juice or rubbing alcohol Apply fifteen meets and wash off- your skin will be yellow afterwards
If you have another remedy that works let us know at: 
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