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Written by brian. Posted in Family Health.

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From the editors:
Once Brian and I hit fifty years old (almost simultaneously), our bodies seemed to immediately correspond with our age. Age has also become a contributing factor to the onset of what would soon become many sleepless nights, a result of multiple aches and pains that seemed to appear almost overnight.
Recently, we received a mysterious box sitting on the front stoop of our home. The box was tall but relatively narrow, stamped with the Brooklyn Bedding logo on the outside of the box. Because of the size of the box, it was hard to determine what could possibly reside within the box. We both agreed that it was impossible that it could actually be a mattress. Whatever was in the box felt pretty heavy once we decided to bring it inside still pondering for a long time as to what it could be? Once it was inside, we decided that we shouldn’t open it until we were ready to actually deal with the contents of the box and allowed it to sit unscathed overnight.
The next day we decided that we could not wait a moment longer and together tore open the top of the box only to find that the box did actually contain a mattress. At that very moment, we had independently decided that it had to be a twin size mattress and almost immediately said it at the same time, because it seemed to us impossible to have fit a king size mattress, (the size we needed) into a box this size. Much to our surprise it was
a brand new king size mattress from Brooklyn Bedding to review for the holiday issue of LWM. We quickly disassembled the bed and removed our old mattress in the event that it had anything to do with our sleepless nights.
Many thanks to Brooklyn Bedding for our brand new mattress!! Many of our aches and pains were quickly remedied making for a much better night sleep. Unfortunately, our Great Danes, Calvin, and Millie love the way the new mattress feels and rather than sleeping on the sofa in our bedroom, (put there with them in mind). Neither one of them is willing to move during the night, just snoring away deep in REM sleep sideways, upside down and in any other position that works for them. So now our sleepless nights continue; but not because of the comfort level of the mattress, rather because the mattress is too comfortable and no one wants to move...LoL. I guess we might need to buy a mattress just for them.

  •  Brooklyn Bedding King Size
    (Medium Firmness) Mattress
    Available in a variety of sizes and three levels of firmness: soft, medium and firm.
    Made in the USA straight from their factory  1.888.210.8751
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