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Weight Loss Programs Making the Right Choice

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Do you want to lose weight? Have you tried to lose weight before, but nothing has worked?
Here is the inside scoop of weight loss programs and information that will help you on your journey to your goal weight.

Selecting the right weight loss program:

There are two general options that provide the framework for your weight loss program.


Commercial Weight Loss Programs

Some people have success using these programs, but they may lack individual medical supervision, thus not picking up on potential health issues related to the changes associated with losing a meaningful amount of weight.
Medically Supervised Weight Loss Programs
There are medically supervised weight loss programs overseen by a physician. These offer the advantage of medical oversight while the body adjusts to the metabolic changes it is undergoing. A physician supervised program also provides a highly individualized approach tailored to the patient. They also provide for the possibility of adjunctive use of prescription appetite suppressants.

Understanding the weight loss process:
There are three phases in a weight loss program.

The active weight loss phase generally lasts 8-24 weeks, depending on you progress and the amount of weight you plan to lose. This phase is where you lose the most weight by changing your diet and exercise.
As the name suggests, this is a “bridge” to the final maintenance phase. Here you take the steps that move you to maintaining the weight you lost in the active phase.
The final process of you weight loss program. This is where you are comfortable with the eating and exercise habits that help maintain the “new you.”

What to eat during each phase of your program.

Active Phase:
During the active weight loss phase most of the calories consumed will likely be from meal-replacement nutrition such as, carefully developed nutritious bars, shakes, puddings, smoothies, soups and even complete entrees. The remainder of the calories will come from foods you can purchase at your neighborhood supermarket. Your main meal, generally dinner, may consist of a full entrée.

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