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Blueberries Over-Hyped as Health Food?

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In the past year or two, tons of media attention of all kinds has been paid to the blueberry because of its health giving properties.
Dr. Dave Woynarowski, a Southeastern Pennsylvania Anti-Aging doctor, says we've got it all wrong. He believes in longer and healthier living through better diet and supplementation. Dr. Dave says, "The new berry on the block is likely to be black or purple, not blue."
When berries are taken into the lab and tested for their strength and ability to destroy bad chemicals in our body called "free radicals", the King of the free radical killers turns out to be the chokeberry, with black currant and elderberry right behind. 
Dr. Dave says, "These three are by far the best if you want health benefits. No matter how you slice them, they beat blueberries, cherries, pomegranate, noni, mangostana and all the other fruits and berries hands down. They are the premier antioxidants." 
Why is this important? 
Well a recent study done on aging at the University of Washington Medical School showed that if you could increase the level of antioxidants your body produces naturally, you could drastically slow the aging process. 
Why haven't we heard about these berries before if they are such good antioxidants?
Dr. Dave says it's because they are hard to grow and pick and don't always taste that good. 
"You may have a hard time finding them at your local market!", he states. Still, while we may be seeing them in stores and markets more frequently in light of these recent findings, don't discount blueberries yet.
"It's a matter of degrees.", says Dr. Dave. "Blueberries look good and taste pretty good too. They are just not up to par with the chokeberry and others when it comes to these anti-aging chemicals. 
"Blueberry juice is almost greenish gray, not blue. Chokeberry juice and the others are like octopus ink. You can't even see through them with a bright light!"
Therein lies the secret of the newest antioxidant find. 
The dark ink like color indicates it is the absolute, most potent berry around.
What does it taste like? 
"It's kind of sour and bland." says the Anti-Aging doctor. "I don't really care for it so I take the capsules. One capsule is equal to about three pints of blueberries!"
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