Loving Fearlessly

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"Fortune favors the brave" and love is not for the faint of heart. Love is the timeless theme adorned in movies, song, and dance. Loving, losing love, and finding love shadows our lives. Most of us, if we are honest, desire love on the deepest level. We want to have someone with whom we can feel completely open, honest, and vulnerable. Yet through direct or indirect experience, we find a gap between our desire and our willingness to fulfill our desire. We share stories of how love has wronged us, how our heart was broken, or how we gave all and received less in return. So, in reaction to these experiences or perhaps in protection, we wrap ourselves with the belief that we don't need love, or that we can't find someone.  Sometimes we just settle for something less than what we want and deserve to avoid potentially having nothing or no-one.

When did you stop believing in love?

Love is not fair.  It is not easy. No one ever said it was. Love hurts. It hurts really bad. Yet, none of that changes the fact that we want and desire love. Past errors in judgment, broken promises or mistakes that we made don't change the fact that we want and desire love.

So why should we continue to give our all for something that seems to return so little?

Sounds very impractical. This is at the root of our problem. When love breaks down or, more accurately, when individuals in a relationship break down, we run to the safety and the practicality of our heads. Our heads are where we rationalize why we should avoid giving our all this time, next time, or anytime. It is in our heads where we blame others, ourselves, or God.  There are no feelings in our head, just cold logic. Perhaps that is why we run there. Heck, we all have done this including me but we can not stay there. At some point, hopefully sooner then later, we must re-engage in our lives, be willing to feel and to love again. We need to do so regardless of consequence and without remorse. Life is too long not to love and is too short to wait to love. Love is lived from the heart, not the head. You can not rationalize love or understand why we do what we do for love. Love is a life long puzzle that seems to never come together, but that is the mystery and the beauty of it. For when we finally find it and hold it, it is the sweetest of all moments.

We are at an impasse. By choice or by accident, we stand in a moment that defines desire. Perhaps you are in a relationship which you are questioning or you're hiding in your head, lying to yourself about what you want or why you are doing what you are. Either way, you must love fearlessly and you must begin now. To achieve great love you must be willing to take great risk. You must be courageous in your actions, trusting in your heart, and honest to your desire. Be brave. The rewards outweigh the risk and we pay exponentially for the cost of not risking. As the beauty of a rose is protected by its thorns, so it is with love. To touch, hold, and smell a rose, we must navigate its thorns. We may even get pricked and bleed a bit but our desire outweighs the consequences. That simple truth resonates in matters of love and the heart.

Love is beautiful and precious. Love gives us the ability to become more and reach heights unattainable alone. Love doesn't complete us but rather expands our completeness so that we can share and give more to ourselves, our partner, and others.

With everything you have choice. You can choose to love fearlessly, thorns and all; or to live without ever knowing what lies just slightly above the thorns.

I wish  love and passion

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