Ronco® Ready™ Grill

Ronco® Ready™ Grill


If you need a quick grilled meal indoors -cook it up with the Ronco Ready Grill. Add a simple must-have for mealtimes with The Ronco Ready Grill. This one-of-its-kind indoor cooking system prepares healthy, delicious food with a great grilled flavor in less than 20 minutes. The Ready Grill was recently awarded an Innovation Award by industry publication Housewares Executive for its novelty in the Indoor Grills category. Its infrared technology and vertically suspended grill basket prepares restaurant-quality meals in minutes, inside the comfort of home. The Ready Grill accommodates something for everyone; even frozen food is prepared without the hassle and time spent defrosting. Its patented external drip tray removes grease and fat by the power of gravity, making it a healthier way to cook for today's busy families. The Ready Grill on promotion at


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