Lark and Leaf Microgreen

Lark and Leaf Microgreen


Delicious and all natural, Lark & Leaf produces the first-ever tea made with nutritious, soothing Microgreens. The company’s brand new signature blend, Amaranth Microgreen Tea, is made with green tea, amaranth Microgreens, ginger root and lemon grass. One cup will help your readers relax into a lavish mindset all while drinking in nutrient-dense ingredients.
Lark & Leaf’s premium Amaranth Microgreen Tea is the very first tea of its kind, made with Microgreens grown on a family farm in Northern California. The nutritious, delicious tea is infused with nutrient rich Garnet Amaranth Microgreens as well as whole-leaf green tea, ginger root, lemon grass and lemon myrtle.


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