8x8 Lead™ - 8 ft. versatile leather leash

8x8 Lead™ - 8 ft. versatile leather leash


Bold Lead Designs: handcrafted leather dog leashes, collars, harnesses and service dog equipment.
Artisan crafted in Colorado. Guaranteed quality and lifetime warranty.
An award winning, woman owned, inclusive small business. Proudly American made.

The most versatile leash available

8×8 Lead™ an 8 ft. long 8 position multi-functional leather leash:

  • Approx 105” end to end, bolt snap on each end (makes an 8' leash with the handle formed)
  • Makes a 8, 6, 4 1/2 foot lead
  • Floating ring for slip-collar
  • Hands-free over-the-shoulder leash! (approx. 6 feet from shoulder to dog)
  • 8 positions—you may even discover more
  • This leash does NOT HAVE A LOOP HANDLE, rather it has a bolt snap at each end so you can use the leash in any configuration.
  • Perfect for taller people who need extra length  https://boldleaddesigns.com/


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