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Rassouli A california Artist

Currently Rassouli is developing various programs to focus on bringing out the creative child within. He believes, “Once people realize how creative they are, they will begin to use that in their everyday life in order to bring them balance and more joy “. During the fall and winter, Rassouli will be working on a coffee-table book that features his artwork along with inspirational messages. He will also hold various art classes as well as full day and weekend painting retreats.
For more on Rassouli, visit www.rassouli.com
Loves Embrace

Save me from 

this sheltering slumber!
Paint my spirit
into the streaming
colors of your Heart.
Let me flow from your 
brush like wine.
Blend me with your hands,
and let me mingle 
with your
beloved Soul.
Create me from 
 the deepest treasures
flowing in the currents
of your 
rivering secrets
rushing to the sea.
Let me live in the
of the visions 
hidden in the colors
of your flashing eyes.

Free Flight
Love is a Wingless Flight of Freedom
setting me adrift 
in a Sea with no Shore
with no charts to help me find 
my Way
through this pathless 
Yet, I can see  the Valleys
of Forever
as the Winds of Heaven
carry me to the hidden
of my Beloved.




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