Neuropathy in your Hands and Feet

Written by Ann Wilkinson, P.T.M.S. Posted in Hands on Health .


I have neuropathy. My hands and feet are go numb and wake me several times in the night. It is getting worse over time. What help is there for me?

There are several angles for which to approach such a problem and sometimes this issue must be approached from all the angles at one time for full recovery. We will start small and work toward a bigger picture. First, the cellular aspect or more specific the biochemical influence on the body.

It is imperative that stimulants such as caffeine be reduced for example coffee, tea, chocolate and red bull. Keep in mind I say reduced. This could look like none all week and Sunday morning you get a treat. If you look up caffeine in the PDR (Physicians Desk Reference) you will see that caffeine does way more than keep you awake that is harmful to the nervous system. Gluten is another cellular health issue. Whether gluten intolerant or not, eating gluten requires rerouting a great deal of blood to the intestines thus depriving the distal extremities; the hands and feet of blood. Replacing wheat and pasta products with gluten free will aid in digestion so that this imbalance is eliminated. Homeopathic hypericum at times offers help with nerve symptoms. This would be an intervention on the electromagnetic aspect of the body. I have seen often myofascial restrictions that impair blood flow and cause tension on nerves giving neuropathy symptoms. Releasing these restrictions and following up with therapeutic stretching of the fascia such as certain types of Yoga, affect the structure or physical element. Finally, the spiritual aspect is an area that may need attention. I have seen over and over, a trauma severe enough to actual cause numbness symptoms. If someone does not really fully realize they survived a trauma or wished they had not such as the loss of a loved one, this can actually cause someone to subconsciously withdraw their life force. It has been determined scientifically that the fascia has within it, microtubules of light. This is by far the most fascinating piece of scientific data I have come across. We have light inside of us. It seems that this light is our soul, spirit, life force or whatever you may call it. I have asked patients with numbness where their soul lives. Many times they report it as displaced as a result of trauma. I have created a soul retrieval meditation and this has helped many to allow the soul to fully reside in the body. An amazing side affect; the numbness melts away like an emerging ice sculptor. Welcome Home!

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