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Q:  I have been limping in fairly severe pain 8/10 for three years.  I have had therapy of every sort.  It seems no  one is really sure if the pain is coming from my back, hip or knee. My gut tells me there is something deep  

inside that somehow affects all three. Pain gradually came on and one day I woke so crooked and in so much  pain.  How can this happen with no real known incident and how can everyone be so confused about what to  do? 

A:  I have seen this scenerio in several clients.  In the male version of this dysfunction, it is usually that a lifting injury  that started with just stiffness or hip pain progressed to pain deep in the pelvis, radiating even into the testicles.  The  client may limp and the body becomes contorted around the pain and a scoliosis my even occur as a  compensation.  In these cases there was an active trigger point in the abdominal muscles undiagnosed and long  standing causing compensations that took attention away from the original injury. Eventhough this is a less obvious  problem that goes often times overlooked when found is simple to correct.     In many women patients however I see this type fo scenerio and it is not so simple.  There are times when there is  an injury of a musle of the hip either the quadratus lumborum or the gluteus medius that can make extreme pain  and compensation.  At the same time as that injury occured, there may have also been residual injury in the pelvic,  low back or knee muscles. For example, a slip of the psoas which attaches to the lumbar could have been disrupted  or the fibers of the iliotibial band that extends from the hip to the knee to the untrained eye confusion as to whether  the spot that hurts is the culprit or is it a radiation of pain extending far away from the actual problem site. In these  cases, I have to work on the pelvis, the knee and the hip individually as far as the mobility of the joint.  It is then  essential to understand how when the body is in movement or flux how fluidity and coordination have to be put  back into the situation. There are wonderful techniques that incorporate the brain into the recovery and allow for  more normal movement and elimination of compensations.  I have seen these severe cases turn around slowly and  gently like the creation of an ice sculpture.  Some times we know the actual root or initial injury as we unpeel the  layers, other times the recovery is gradual and throughout so that we never know whether the pain came from one  joint or all three simultaneously.     The deep inside awareness you have is your fascia.  It is a system more intricate than any in the body.  It is a web  of connective tissue that acts much like a body stocking just beneath the surface of the skin and above the muscles  at least on the surface.  What makes it so fascinating is that it then dives into the body surrounding the muscles  themselves, delving deeper and surrounding the muscle fibers, moreso to surround the cells and intracellular  structures so that it goes infinitely in the microscopic direction.  Due to the amount of traumatic memories that the  fascia hold, and because it has also been found to actually contain within its structure microtubules of light, it is also  believed that the fascia is connected in an infinite way to our electomagnetic and etheric  aspects of our being.  The  fascia is why homeopathy and acupuncture work as magically as they do.  The transmission is electromagnetic,  immediate and profound. Treating the fascia is most definetly the key factor in making positive changes to  dysfunction as severe as the above mentioned.
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