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Written by Karen Verna Carlson, N.D., Ph.D.. Posted in Holistic Living.

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  • It’s all about Enrichment •

Every winter, they completely disappear from view (like mushrooms and many other wild perennials), so I had to wait a whole year to see if they accepted this new home.  All 12 or 13 plants reappeared—a thrilling testimony to my growing* alignment with Nature.  (*Another pun.)  It will take seven years of further growth to support the first soup harvest.  Meanwhile my life and property are enriched, knowing future generations could enjoy an indigenous delicacy if they are responsible eco-stewards.  
Last month I wrote about this amazing capacity for renewal built into our planetary and human bodies.  Now, I want to encourage you to deepen and reinforce this innate feature with just a few daily minutes of proactivity.         
My favorite holistic modality—dry brush massage—mirrors Nature’s enthusiasm and wisdom to renew life.  I begin most days with three to five minutes of body massage using a natural bristle brush.  Doing this I feel every bit as exhilarated as I do inhaling deeply with my nose buried in a cluster of lilac blossoms or munching the first fresh-picked asparagus in the garden.  Perhaps you may be inspired to experiment with this ancient practice of dry brush massage (DBM) as you read on about its easy application and dazzlingly profound benefits.  


Writer's Bio: Karen is a naturopathic physician who has taken holistic healing and education into the realm of quantum physics. She is credited with “the first major breakthrough in Swedish Massage ~ research demonstrating energetic interconnections ~ since Peter Ling systemized it in the early 19th century.” International recognition for her healing and educational work includes an honorary degree, a silver medal, listing in Who’s Who of Professional and Business Women, appearances on TV and radio, lecturing in Europe and in the U.S. for professional symposia, colleges, corporations, community groups, and being featured in professional journals, magazines and newspapers. She has published more than 200 articles on holistic health and education. She has facilitated joyful well-being and health for hundreds of students she has personally certified in holistic healing and holistic massage and for hundreds more clients she has personally touched including luminaries in science, medicine and religion.
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