Defining Your True Self

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Forget about new year resolutions, only 1 in 10 will succeed. They fail because we simply just don’t care enough by about getting them. Cold hard truth. If you want change, true change that is lasting we must change who we are. We try too hard to change the what we do without changing what or who is doing it. Change occurs from the inside out, not outside in. We try to change from the outside in because it seems easier and logical. We think if we do this or don’t do that we will become what we desire, yet very often we fall back to being comfortable and what is familiar. We do what are.

To change you must be wiling to look at where you are honestly. Not to make it worse then it is but to see it for what it is regardless of the pain or discomfort. Human nature is to dislike pain and to pull away from it. Pain at times can serve us, if we allow it. We will do more out of desperation than inspiration. As the old adage goes “The truth will set you free”.
So the question becomes how do we change from the inside out? How do we transform ourselves from what we have been to who we truly are? How do we become our true self even when we don’t know who or what that person is? 
The answer comes from your heart with courage and faith. We want an answer that is concrete like an eating plan or workout regiment, but it is not. It is ambiguous because we define ourself by learning to be ourselves. It is the process of connecting your head and your heart and then doing what’s next. After that we do what is next again, and so on. It is in the process of being that we define who we are. We learn to understand that even when we are unsure we can still be our true self. That is the essence of being your true self. Learning to accept, love, and appreciate all of who you are as we stay in our hearts. It is too convenient to to run to our heads, out of hearts, to justify and logically make sense of it all. We must avoid the temptation and listen and trust our heart. 
Your head will say you don’t need to change or do what is easy, but it is wrong. We all need to grow.
Your heart is the genesis of your being.  
I wish you a month of love and passion.

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