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Written by Karen Verna Carlson, N.D., Ph.D.. Posted in Holistic Living.

Power Wash Your Energy Field!
You surely know that feeling good generates healing chemicals and activities in your body.  You might know that the law of attraction brings us more of what we’re feeling.  But do you know that positive emotions cleanse your aura?  Energy flows into us clean and clear, and it outflows as emotions.  When your emotion is positive, the flow of that energy “power washes” your portals.  When your emotion is negative it carries all kinds of sludge and debris that clogs up your field.

                           ~ Aura Cleansing Improves Health ~  
This is not mystical mumbo jumbo.  This is scientific fact, explained by Gary Zukav and Linda Francis in The Heart of the Soul.  I’ve been a Zukav fan for a quarter century since I read The Dancing Wu Li Masters:  An Overview of the New Physics. It’s not a book about eastern philosophies, yet his factual down-to-earth exposition about quantum physics continues to give me valuable data that I often pass on to students and clients to empower their healing journeys.  These data validate the presence of intelligent awareness in all forms of matter, even what we might not classify as “living” such as energy, itself, or such as a rock, an atom, or a raindrop.  These facts indicating everything’s alive and everything’s intelligent have helped for decades in my healing and teaching work to boost healing power.  A clean aura definitely enhances health and well-being.
                             ~ Opportunities to Feel Goooood ~
So, having referenced a scientific basis, let’s get to the good stuff ~ amping up those positive emotions.  In this case more is better.   Maybe this glorious season inspires Spring-cleaning because it is so chock full of feel good opportunities!  Nature is really bustin’ out all over.  Wave after wave of spectacular sights and sounds and smells.  Wasn’t it just last week that the snow drops blossomed?  Then all those yellow, white, violet crocuses bubbling with sun, up from soil.  DAFFODILS!  Bobbin’ robins rummaging for scrumptious tidbits. Explosions of forsythia.  Patches of wild violets.  Birdies serenade dawn and dusk light shows.  Peep frogs chirp from invisible bogs.  And there are more frequent moments when your face is kissed by a warm, tender sun….  Ahhhhhhh.
One hyacinth rises each year from the sea of pachysandras flanking my front door.  For two weeks, four scraggly heads of sparsely scattered ultra purple bloomettes celebrate my comings and goings with aromatherapy.  I do nothing to care for it, but I do a whole lot to appreciate it.  I inspect those teeny flowers, each one an exquisite sculpture! I fill my nostrils, my lungs and my body with that indescribably delightful fragrance when I step outside or walk into my house.  I vocalize a satisfying “Mmmmmmmm,” and float the edges of my lips into a

Cheshire Cat grin.  That’s how I amplify good feelings.  I focus on that light, giddy expansiveness in my upper chest, and the tingly effervescent sensation around the organ of my stomach (which is also the general location of my solar plexus chakra), magnifying and highlighting those pleasantries like I was a film director.
                            ~ Nature Uplifts Attitude  ~
Nature brings up really positive feelings for me, and in great quantities!  Nature captivates me and sweeps my thoughts into flights of gratitude for all those sensations of awe and beauty.  Awe and Beauty are the usual stars of Nature’s Annual Spring Fling, but this year’s performance seems especially spectacular.  
Walking in the country on a gorgeous sunny day, I see my friend pick up half an empty cocoon that wasn’t incubating any praying mantis eggs.  The inner flaky layers of hundreds of small, diverse compartments represent masterful engineering for structural survival, all packaged in camouflage beige.  She wondered what had discovered and chewed it in half.  A bird?  “Well,” she sighed, “Somebody had a nice praying mantis meringue.”
                            ~Amplify, Amplify, Amplify ~  
That torched my funny bone.  (Not touched, torched, as in, started a blazing fire.)   I rollicked with hysterics.  I let my laughter PEALE!  This pristine nature setting ~ hundreds of acres of fields and forests with no other humans in sight ~ gave me permission to really amp it up.  I let my body enjoy this opportunity for a comic interlude, opening my grin as wide as I could spread it, giving my leg a good ol’ country slap, letting my little belly quake and shake.  I could hoot and hollar and carry on without disturbing anyone else, and I took full advantage of it.  What fun I felt.  My outrageous antics delighted my friend.  Plus, I surely hosed out a lot of sludge from my energy field.  
“Present moment, life centered awareness” is a note I wrote from Wayne Mueller’s Sabbath months ago, but I’d say that’s a good segue phrase to build my case for amplifying those good feelings.  Yesterday is history, and tomorrow is a mystery.  Both of them are head-trips that shouldn’t crowd out fully experiencing this moment of now.
                              ~ Be Here Now ~   
Ram Dass wrote Be Here Now four decades ago.  I’ve been practicing present moment, life centered awareness for about that much time. My progress seems like drops in a very, very big bucket.  Nonetheless, I am making progress.  I know this because lately when I’m having a pretty good time, I actually have the presence of mind to get into that role of movie director and highlight the most pleasing sounds, smells, and visuals of my experience.  I am beginning to ‘get into’ enjoying those good feelings.  Quite a breakthrough for this former drama queen.
Laughing Yoga has been developed by a businessman from India for the purpose of amplifying good feelings.  There’s a 36-minute video of him in Bombay wearing a crisp white shirt and khaki slacks leading an outdoor Laughing Yoga session for a dozen other Indian businessmen.  They are having a great time guffawing and buffooning around rather foolishly.
I felt inspired.  So, I’ve taken to it with ease. I amp up my good feelings especially when I’m talking on my land phone to a trusted friend or riding in a car or gallivanting in the great outdoors.  These are times when I feel free enough and safe enough to exclaim sounds of delight, like a kid on a Ferris wheel.
                                ~ Linger Over a Bouquet ~
All those Mother’s Day bouquets are opportunities to marvel at Nature’s floral artistry and ingenuity.  Breathe deeply their intoxicating aromas.  Every leaf turns water and sunlight into nourishment.  Every leaf breathes out the oxygen our bodies need to survive.  
As my toes walk around my backyard, I pretend they’ve got eyes to appreciate close-up every wild violet basking serenely in the sunshine.  I intended amplification when I leaned against the trunk of my neighbor’s white magnolia tree in full bloom. With white petals thickly carpeting the ground, and a dome of white blossoms above, I was enveloped in the most heavenly sight and scent.  Talk about good feelings!  I praised that tree for its beauty and aroma.  I felt the brilliant blue sky softly touch my eyes like a lover’s caress.  I picked up some petals and massaged their delicate smoothness.  My mind likes to be quietly peaceful those times when I encourage my more subtle good feelings.  It likes the respite from deciding and doing, and just enjoys being in a pleasant mood.
                                ~ Good Feelings Galore ~  
Here’s an A to Z sampler of just a few good feelings: amused, astonished, buoyant, calm, dazzled, enlivened, exultant, fulfilled, gleeful, harmonious, invigorated, jubilant, loving, mirthful, optimistic, perky, radiant, refreshed, serene, splendid, thrilled, touched, upbeat, wonderful, zestful.  
My sources of positive emotions might include art, music, dancing, literature, hanging out with friends, facilitating for students and clients, playing with food, opening my birthday presents….  But Mother Nature elicits the majority of my good feelings, whether I’m riding Harley, hiking around my “chateau country” neighborhood, or hanging laundry outdoors.  I urge you to open up to the wonders of this season and amp up all those positive emotions.  This gives new meaning to Spring-cleaning.      

Writer's Bio: Karen is a naturopathic physician who has taken holistic healing and education into the realm of quantum physics. She is credited with “the first major breakthrough in Swedish Massage ~ research demonstrating energetic interconnections ~ since Peter Ling systemized it in the early 19th century.” International recognition for her healing and educational work includes an honorary degree, a silver medal, listing in Who’s Who of Professional and Business Women, appearances on TV and radio, lecturing in Europe and in the U.S. for professional symposia, colleges, corporations, community groups, and being featured in professional journals, magazines and newspapers. She has published more than 200 articles on holistic health and education. She has facilitated joyful well-being and health for hundreds of students she has personally certified in holistic healing and holistic massage and for hundreds more clients she has personally touched including luminaries in science, medicine and religion.
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