Intelligent People Zealously Support Trump?

Written by Phillip Finestrauss. Posted in Health.

Living Well Trump

What are the Reasons that Otherwise Intelligent People Zealously Support Trump?

Operating from the premise that evolutionary instincts play at very least a tangential role in shaping the modern human mindset and overall view of one’s culture, we can assume that current culture fosters a level of stress that triggers deep inherent survival mechanisms.  With that construct as the foundation for the processing of informational, cultural and interpersonal relations, and the implementation of the countless intellectual, practical and physical methods for stress reduction, human history demonstrates that there is a favorite strategy for attacking fear and the unknown.  That being the simplification of the unknown into acceptable concepts that not only yield answers to unsolvable questions but tend to remove the stress and fear associated with unfathomable mysteries.

Writer's Bio: Philip Finestrauss

COVID-19: 1 Virus 2 testing methods

Written by Dana Sparks. Posted in Family Health.

Living Well with Corona Virus

When a new virus emerges that infects and sickens humans, the wheels of innovation start turning quickly in the world of health care and biomedical research. Teams versed in different aspects of laboratory medicine work together to better understand the virus and develop tests to identify those who are infected or have been exposed to the virus in the past.

Let’s Talk About Sex, Baby

Written by Liz Abel, Licensed Integrative Nutritionist, with Dr. Joanne Kakaty-Monzo, Board-Certified Obstetrician/Gynecologist. Posted in Family Health.

Healthy Living,Sexual Health,Menopause

 Those words are easier said than done according to a staggering statistic that more than 60 percent of medical practitioners don’t ask their female patients about sexual health. Within the privacy of extended appointments at the First State Health & Wellness Integrative Health Center, we’ve recognized that women not only need, but want a place to vent, talk, and find answers to their most intimate concerns—not just physically but emotionally.


Written by LWM Staff. Posted in Family Health.

AUG19 trendslogo

Cannabidiol– Also known as CBD, cannabidiol is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid found in cannabis plants. Because of the many endogenous cannabinoid receptors found throughout the body, many people believe CBD promotes restful sleep, supports normal cartilage and joint function, relieves occasional inflammation and nausea, enhances relaxation, and more.

BulletProof Insert for Backpacks & Laptops

Written by LWM Staff. Posted in Family Health.

Healthy Living,Living Well, Bullet Proof BackPack Back to school

A few months ago, we reviewed this Bullet proof insert for backpacks. We were not completely sure what we thought and we still do not know. But with the continuing issues of these gun relating mass shooting and our Government's continued inaction to enacted sensible Gun control laws and possibly an Assault Weapons ban. We thought we would show the backpack again. This is America, we are not a third world country and the thought that our Kids can not go to school safely is very disturbing to all of us. We believe it is time to stand up  let our voices be heard!  Because our kids need to be safe.

Can Mindfulness Impact Sleep Quality?

Written by Lisa Smalls. Posted in Integrative Health.

living well sleep quality

Feeling alert and restored upon waking after a good night’s sleep is experienced regularly by only 32% of Americans. At least once a week, the rest of us struggle to get both the quantity and quality of sleep we need. If you fall into this majority, chances are you’re on the lookout for ways you can get a little more shut-eye and wake up feeling refreshed rather than drained. Instead of reaching for the sleeping pills, mindfulness meditation can give you the rest you need without the grogginess on waking.

What is Mindfulness Meditation?

How Creating a Bedtime Routine Can Help You Get The Best Sleep

Written by Sleep Institute. Posted in Family Health.

In order to be your best self, you need to get a good night’s sleep. The quality of sleep that we get affects every part of our lives, from our mood to the food that we eat to the way you perform at work and in other parts of your life, as well as how you interact with people.

No matter how old you are, a bedtime routine could be the perfect thing to help you whip your sleep schedule into shape.

Eco-Sexuality: How to Go Green in the Bedroom

Written by Dianna Palimere, PhD, LCSW . Posted in Sexual Health and Healing.

Living Healthy, Living With Cannabis, Women's Health

In a valiant effort to save our Mother Earth, there’s been a strong push in the media to increase our awareness about how we are impacting the environment—from oil/gas usage to recycling paper, metal and plastics. One of my favorite commercials about becoming eco-friendly is the one where they show how far around the earth all of our discarded plastic bottles could stretch, if connected from end to end. Naturally, the first thing that comes to my mind as a sexologist is, “what if we did the same thing with all the discarded condoms in landfills?”

Eco-Friendlier Condoms

Written by Dianna Palimere, PhD, LCSW . Posted in Sexual Health and Healing.

Living Healthy, Living Well Magazine With Cannabis, Women's Health

Recently I wrote an article for Living Well Magazine about how to become an "Eco-sexual and Go Green in the Bedroom". Now, I want to focus the discussion specifically on Condoms. There are some really great planet-conscious prophylactics out there; unfortunately you won’t find them in most drug stores. In the United States, an estimated 450 Million condoms are sold each year. As you know from reading the article last year, not all condoms are created equal. Natural rubber latex condoms are one of your best choices in terms of biodegradability, second only to Lambskin condoms. Lambskin condoms; however, do not protect against sexually transmitted infections, thus we turn our attention back to natural rubber latex

How To Eat Before, During, And After A Sports Competition

Written by Dr Scott Rosenthal. Posted in Excercise.

For an athlete to reach his or her full potential, proper nutrition is essential. The right fuel at the right time—before, during, and after a competitive event—not only ensures sustainable peak performance but also helps with injury prevention and recovery. As a former amateur athlete and a father who watches his daughter endure the intensity of competitive volleyball, I have developed a great appreciation for the power of food (both positive and negative).  

Disconnecting to Connect…..the Joys of Unplugging

Written by Linda Cooper. Posted in Family Health.

Living Well traveling with Linda Cooper

As connected as we are in the age of social media, we as humans are completely disconnected. I love that travel presents an opportunity for people to put their fast-paced, “connected” world behind them and build true, deep connections to themselves in experiencing new landscapes and make life-changing memories. Serving as a brand ambassador to fulfilling your wanderlust as the Host of my luxury lifestyle show ‘Travel Time with Linda’, I recognize travel as the ultimate platform to make meaning happen in your life.


Written by Brian Strauss. Posted in Health.

Living Healthy, Healthy Beer
Beer is the one of the most popular alcoholic beverages in the world. Enjoying an almost cult like status in many countries and is a favorite for millions of people around the world.

According to research piloted in Italy on moderate beer, drinking (a bit more than 16 ounces a day) can actually decrease a drinkers’ risk of heart disease

A Woman's Guide to Cannabis

Written by Nikki Furrer. Posted in Family Health.

Living Healthy, Living With Cannabis, Women's Health

A Woman's Guide to Cannabis
Using Marijuana to Feel Better, Look Better, Sleep Better–and Get High Like a Lady  

A woman’s handbook to demystifying the world of weed, whether it’s being used for pain relief, a moment of calm, or a fit of giggles. FEB19cannabis leaf

Women of all ages are using cannabis to feel and look better. For rookies and experienced marijuana users alike, this lively, information-filled book is just the supportive guide you need to find the right dose to relieve anxiety, depression, and inflammation, and mitigate the onset of dementia and other signs of aging. Plus boost moods, ease aches, even lose weight, and get restful sleep. And a dose just for fun?

A small pea size lump on the side of my breast

Written by Elizabeth Vines. Posted in Cancer.

Living Healthy,Breast Cancer survivor

My name is Elizabeth Vines, and I am a 39-year-old Breast Cancer Survivor.
To this day whenever I tell people that I 'had' cancer, I know that most people think I must have a family history of cancer because it’s just impossible to think young people could get such a horrible disease. Well that could not be further from the truth. Only 20% of breast cancer is considered hereditary, the other 80% are just your average women like myself. I'm married to a wonderful man for the last 14 years, and have an amazing 8-year-old son.

Is Gluten Really That Bad For Me?

Written by Liz Abel, LDN, CNS, MS, MA. Posted in Family Health.

Living Well Magazine, healthy eating, gluten free

First, let’s get clear about what gluten is. Gluten is a protein found in wheat, barley and rye. And yes, it’s found in the ancient grains of wheat, like kamut, farro, einkorn and spelt. What about oats? The simple answer is oats are naturally gluten free. However, it is common practice that the machinery used to produce rolled oats, as an example, is the same machinery that is used for making crackers (from wheat). This practice contributes to significant cross-contamination between wheat and oats,

Dreams and #MeToo

Written by Kat Samworth. Posted in Integrative Health.

#MEtoo,Living Well,Dreams

The storm of the #MeToo phenomenon has certainly stirred up the status quo. Many have been and are continuing to come out of the closet to admit to abusive sexual experiences that had been quietly swept under the rug for many years. Although much of the #MeToo publicity has centered around those in the limelight, there have been millions of ordinary people tweeting their own cries of #MeToo. And despite controversies around exacerbating false accusations, this movement is casting a needed light of awareness onto societal shadows.

Sexual Health: Top 3 Apps for Sex & Intimacy

Written by Dianna Palimere, PhD, LCSW . Posted in Sexual Health and Healing.

 exploring sexual thoughts, fantasies. intimacy

After sorting through hundreds of Apps on the market that are in any way related to sexual health, intimacy, sexual desire, dating, relationships, sexual performance/functioning, fun & games, toys, flirting, and sex education; I found several that stood out in each category. Far too many to cover in one article… However, there were three that definitely stood above the rest when it came to helping couples with rekindling sexual desire, fostering closeness and connection in the bedroom, and learning new and creative ways of exploring sexual thoughts and fantasies.

What is Functional Nutrition?

Written by Liz Abel, LDN, CNS, MS, MA. Posted in Integrative Health.

functional nutrition, healthy foods,integrative,

Integrative and Functional Nutrition:
What should you expect when meeting with a healthcare professional? 

I’m often asked what is Functional Nutrition? What makes it different? Taking a peek at how an initial session with an experienced integrative practitioner unfolds reveals just how unique the experience is…
There are two things every new client should understand. First, “integrative” means that food is just one aspect of health. We also talk about stress, sleep, sunshine and movement (or lack thereof). Second, this is not “urgent care” – meaning that you aren’t showing up today because of something that happened yesterday.

Why are you treating back pain with a pill?

Written by Dr Scott Rosenthal. Posted in Family Health.

back pain,no pills ,opioids,relief

I once heard a comedian say, “I’m sooo upset! My muffler just fell off my car and now I have to go buy a louder stereo.” The joke makes a point that can be well applied to American health care. We spend the majority of our resources trying to mask (ignore) symptoms instead of fixing the underlying problem.

The issues arising from the misdirected focus of treating symptoms is best illustrated when it comes to back pain. The standard medical approach consists of pain medication

A Case of Raynaud’s Syndrome and Resolution w Chiro Care

Written by Dr Scott Rosenthal. Posted in Family Health.

 Raynaud’s Syndrome

Raynaud’s Syndrome occurs when the blood vessels supplying the fingers or toes (sometimes other parts of the body) are restricted to a trickle. This leaves them cold, white or blue in tone and often numb. The cause to Raynaud’s is medically unknown, but seems to be related to an overreaction to cold temperatures or stress. This article will share one woman’s journey to a resolution of Raynaud’s Syndrome in her left foot.

Sarah suffered for more than a month with a painful, blue, little toe on her left foot. She first visited her primary care physician who referred her to a vascular specialist.

Summer Date Inspirations

Written by Dianna Palimere, PhD, LCSW . Posted in Sexual Health and Healing.

Sexual Health and Healing

One of the most common issues I come across in my work with couples is a lack of quality time together. In today’s world, it’s easy to get caught up in everything that has to get done at work and at home: long hours at work; home maintenance; running errands; shuttling kids or loved ones from place to place…endless “to-do” lists. Too frequently, I hear couples say that their quality time happens at the end of a long day, when they’re able to just collapse on the couch together

4 Ways Hearing Loss Affects you at Work

Written by Rebecca Herbig, Au.D. Posted in Working Healthy.

Your ability to hear is crucial throughout your day—whether talking to your family, hearing cars and other dangers when walking down the street, or when relaxing by listening to music or watching TV. However, with hearing loss, each of these becomes more difficult. Hearing loss can also be particularly detrimental at work.
Why hearing is so important

Does What I Eat Make My Acne Worse?

Written by Liz Abel, LDN, CNS, MS, MA. Posted in Family Health.

Living Healthy Healthy Eating,Acne,Teens Acne

If you or your teenager suffers from acne, I invite you to learn which foods will make acne symptoms worse, and which foods may make it better.
Simply stated, one of my philosophies is to “add in to crowd out,” so before we get into the list of “don’ts”,

Tackling the Do's:
Consume 5 – 10 servings of veggies every day. Given the average American consumes just a couple of vegetables servings every day, think of this as a great opportunity to make improvements. There are lots of ways (aside from eating salads) to increase veggie consumption: smoothies, veggie noodles, and vegetable soups.

The Healing Power of Dreams

Written by Kat Samworth PT, BEE. Posted in Integrative Health.

Living Healthy Healing power of Dreams

Perhaps you’ve experienced this scenario. There is something difficult weighing on your mind. Maybe you have a problem that needs to be addressed; a decision that needs an answer; an uncomfortable relationship issue. The difficulty often feels more and more overwhelming as nighttime approaches. And then you “sleep on it.” When you awaken in the morning you’ve got a fresh perspective. The problem that seemed so insurmountable last night does not feel so big. Why is this?

Breaking Our Food Rules

Written by Liz Abel, LDN, CNS, MS, MA. Posted in Family Health.

Living Healthy Breaking Food Rules

For most of our life, we’ve been bombarded by our parents, the media and food manufacturers about what to eat, how to eat and when to eat. Let’s expose some of the ‘food rules’ that we’ve formed (consciously or unconsciously) and actively decide which ones are worth breaking!

Breakfast: Many of you might gawk at me in a lecture when I suggest you try eating veggies for breakfast. I, myself, this morning had spinach

Meditation – Ways to Break Through

Written by John Chisenhall. Posted in Integrative Health.

Living Well Meditation

Meditation exploded onto the scene in 2017 and became more than a niche trend in the United States. Now it’s time to gain more clarity about what meditation is, what makes it valuable and why people from all walks of life would be savvy to incorporate it into their daily routine.
First, let’s get to the basics, it’s all about tuning in and waking up, NOT tuning out and turning off.

Embrace Your Dreams To Improve Your Dream Recall

Written by Kat Samworth. Posted in Integrative Health.

Living Well Dreams

Dreams are a powerful natural resource containing incredible wisdom, support and guidance. In order to tap into this rich reservoir of our dreams, it helps to be able to recall them.

What keeps us from remembering our dreams?

Is it that some people are just naturally graced with excellent dream recall and others are destined to live a life cut off from the dream realm? We are all given the gift of dreams and we can all find ways to remember them.

Alternative Cancer Treatments: 10 options to consider

Written by Mayo Clinic News Staff. Posted in Integrative Health.

integrative Health

Alternative cancer treatments can't cure your cancer, but they may provide some relief from signs and symptoms.

Many people with cancer are interested in trying anything that may help them, including complementary and alternative cancer treatments. If cancer makes you feel as if you have little control over your health, alternative cancer treatments may offer some feeling of control. But many alternative cancer treatments are unproved and some may even be dangerous.

Mind Mastery: Progress Not Perfection Part 4

Written by Karen Carlson. Posted in Integrative Health.

I hope you are having a life experience that pleases you most of the time. If you are, mind training will definitely enhance your enjoyment. If you’re not, mind training will definitely enhance your enjoyment.

Survival, Relief and Foundation
Increasing my own daily meditation practice 20-30% these past five months has gradually improved my inner state amidst a confluence of tumultuous life challenges.

Writer's Bio: Karen is a naturopathic physician who has taken holistic healing and education into the realm of quantum physics. She is credited with “the first major breakthrough in Swedish Massage ~ research demonstrating energetic interconnections ~ since Peter Ling systemized it in the early 19th century.” International recognition for her healing and educational work includes an honorary degree, a silver medal, listing in Who’s Who of Professional and Business Women, appearances on TV and radio, lecturing in Europe and in the U.S. for professional symposia, colleges, corporations, community groups, and being featured in professional journals, magazines and newspapers. She has published more than 200 articles on holistic health and education. She has facilitated joyful well-being and health for hundreds of students she has personally certified in holistic healing and holistic massage and for hundreds more clients she has personally touched including luminaries in science, medicine and religion.

“A Dual Citizen” When The Doctor Becomes The Patient

Written by Dr. Debra Copit. Posted in Women's Health.

Healthy living Breast Cancer

On the evening of Wednesday, March 9, 2011, I sat down with my family to watch television after a typical day at work. I’d performed ultrasounds and examined mammograms that day, as Director of Breast Imaging at Einstein Healthcare Network in Philadelphia, and reviewed some of my research into 3-D mammography.

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