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Arthritis and Acupuncture Dr Kelly Brown
Living With TYPE 1 DIABETES A Mindset Of Acceptance Melissa Gray
Your Eyes needs SunBlock Too Brian Strauss
UA Study Finds Owning a Dog Provides Health Benefits for Postmenopausal Women Brian Strauss
Turning Back the Clock: BEATING “BOOMERITIS®” Dr. Nicholas DiNubile
GROW Fresh Air Peg Castorani
Pregnancy and Chiropractic: Happier Mom! Healthier Baby! Dr Scott Rosenthal
The Offseason Danny Singles, PT, DPT, MA
Why Control of Your Diabetes Is Essential to the Health of Your Mouth Andrew Swiatowicz, D.D.S.
Glaucoma: Early Detection Can Save Your Sight Robert L. Stamper, M.D.
Movement = Life Danny Singles, PT, DPT, MA
How is Ovarian Cancer Diagnosed?
What you should know about Ovarian Cancer
Can Stretching make your Back Pain worse? Dr.Scott Rosenthal
Secrets For Better Health At Lower Costs? Dr.Scott Rosenthal
Uncovering the SECRET: How Chiropractors Magically Reveal Your Problems! Dr.Scott Rosenthal
When To Fire Your Doctor! Dr.Scott Rosenthal
Why The Pain In Your Arms, Legs, Feet Or Hands Won’t Go Away! Dr.Scott Rosenthal
Going to the Doctor?... Better be Prepared Dr.Scott Rosenthal
Have Back Pain? Are You Overpaying For Relief? Are You Getting The Best Care? Dr.Scott Rosenthal
Neck Pain Jane Dr.Scott Rosenthal
January is Glaucoma Awareness Month
Chiropractic Care Can Prevent the need for Back Surgery Dr Scott Rosenthal
Becoming Your Child’s Bully Coach Jackie Humans, PhD
The Best Mattress: One Chiropractor’s Journey! Dr Scott Rosenthal
The Wildebeests vs. The Lions of Lost Resolutions By Dr. Scott Rosenthal
America's Future Vision Robert Abel Jr.MD
Teen Pregnancy Is a Public Health Issue, Not a Political One! Dr. Michelle Golland
Sunscreen Facts You Need to Know Stephanie Tweito Jacob
The Law of Attraction for Greater Health Dr Scott Rosenthal
Summer: The Season for Fireflies, Flashlights and Fractures Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta
Camp Tips for Parents Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta
Heat Illness Prevention Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta and Safe Kids Georgia
Is The Seesaw of Health Tilted? Dr. Scott Rosenthal
Fish Oil- Japan's Secret to Longevity and Beauty Now Yours David Cassell
Study Confirms - Height of Heel Matters in Prevention of Foot Pain American Orthopedic Foot & Ankle Society
The Bermuda Triangle of Headaches Dr. Scott Rosenthal
Living Well: The Health Benefits of Coffee Brian Strauss
Deeper Than It Seems- A Thorough Look At Puncture Wounds in the foot Dr. Jennifer Feeny
What does the new screening mammography guidelines mean to you? Dr Phillip Chao
Suffer No More! Help For Stomach Pain and Reflux Disease.. Dr Scott Rosenthal
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