Weight is but a System of Body Out of Balance

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weight is out of balance

Western weight-loss methods, when compared to those of TCM, are generally focused on superficial and quick results that can impact the individual's long-term health. The entire framework of TCM is based on an understanding of how the entire human being works—body, mind, and spirit. It seeks to create balance and harmony within each individual and then harmonize that individual with nature. TCM is an ancient paradigm for the workings of the human body that is based on Universal law—how nature really works. All of the principles and theories of TCM, a complete and holistic medical system in continuous existence and practice for thousands of years, can be applied to anyone to foster and maintain health, and prevent health problems. With its specialties of prevention and lifestyle modification, traditional Chinese medicine is a safe and truly healing weight-loss resource just waiting to be discovered and embraced by the American mainstream.

This article originally appeared in Harmony – Ancient Wisdom for Modern Wellness, the newsletter of the Traditional Chinese Medicine World Foundation. © 2013 Traditional Chinese Medicine World Foundation. All rights reserved. (For more information visit or call 212.274.1079.)

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