Weight is but a System of Body Out of Balance

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weight is out of balance

Not surprisingly, Qigong is the cornerstone of successful TCM weight loss programs in the West, such as Traditional Chinese Medicine World Foundation's The Dragon's Way®. This innovative, comprehensive program focuses on authentic body-mind-spirit healing through Qigong, learning how to eat for true health, and lifestyle changes based on timeless TCM insight. It teaches participants how to connect with the body's innate inner wisdom.

The Foundation's educational outreach also includes The Dragon's Way Instructor Certification program, where trainees grow personally by applying TCM principles and practices in their lives and learn how to teach this knowledge base to others. Because The Dragon's Way® has great flexibility and can easily be incorporated into other healthcare programs and settings, instructor training attracts a broad range of professionals—physicians, nurses, acupuncturists, body workers, and psychologists—as well as past Dragon's Way participants who wish to share their positive experience with family, friends and community.

A medical paradigm based on interrelationships, TCM sees being overweight as an issue also related to the greater culture. Western definitions of acceptable appearance are often unrealistic. Advertising and media drive a certain concept of "ideal" weight and then turn around and pitch the products for people to achieve what, for most, is an unreasonable ideal. TCM encourages individuals to tune into their own body and spirit, recognizing that each person is entirely unique.

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