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Written by Ann Wilkinson, P.T.M.S. Posted in Hands on Health .

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Q:I have been a drummer all my life.  My posture is so bad as a result.  I am trying very hard as I am getting  older and experiencing symptoms to correct my posture.  I feel like it is casted in cement.  How can I make a  change that will last?
A: When affecting someones posture, it is important to lengthen the fascia and muscles that have become habitually  shortened and to strengthen the ones that have been on stretch and have become weak.  This works quite often to  make great and permanent changes in the posture. However, there are instances where the tailbone can take on a  postion that will directly affect the neck and posture. For example someone can fall on the tailbone causing it to be  flexed or bent inwards traumatically. The same outcome can occur due to a long duration force such as sitting on  the tailbone rather than the ishium or sit bones of the pelvis especially in the growing period. This flexed position of  the tailbone causes fascial tissue that runs from the tailbone up through the spinal canal to insert at the back of the  head to shorten.  The head is jammed back and down, jutting the chin forward not only creating bad posture, but  shearing the vertebrae in the neck stretching very sensitive nerves and resulting in symptoms of numbness in the  hands and arms. Many times the tailbone must be addressed in order to make lasting changes in posture.  When it  is repositioned by lengthening the tight fascial tube, the body has a chance to experience upright. Strengthening  coupled with the freedom of movement not only changes the appearance of the person but also allows them such  efficiency in their daily energy expenditure that at the end of the day their is plenty of energy left over for fun.
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