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Written by Ann Wilkinson, P.T.M.S. Posted in Hands on Health .

Q:  I own a business that requires a lot of lifting boxes from 10-50 lbs.  Owning this business has required me to give up my workout time. Can lifting the boxes substitute for working out ? I did wrench my back pretty bad on a bigger box, I should mention I am a woman also.


A:  I hate to tell you NOPE! No way, Nada.  Lifting heavy objects requires strength of the erector spinae muscles, pelvic floor, biceps, gluteals and quadriceps. The heavier you lift and the more often the stronger they need to be and more important they need to work together in precise synchronicity to protect you from strain. A work out entails cardiovascular stimulation for at least 20 minutes duration.  

A good work out makes demands of muscles from both the flexor and extensor muscles of the body creating a balance of strength in both directions and for opposing muscle groups.  A very healthy work out utilizes stretching to allow the micro-components of the muscle to be aligned most efficiently.  The actin and myocin of a muscle fiber likes one length in order to be able to move one over top of the other to make a maximal contraction.  If you only lifted boxes for a workout you would eventually become hunched forward with tight hamstrings, rounded shoulders and a forward head posture.  Being a woman there is consideration of the pelvic floor and strain that could cause displacement of the uterus. Please ask the guys20to help, per square inch their muscles are so much more efficient and stronger.  Work out and have fun, a balanced life is the key to being a successful business owner.  A balanced work out is the key to great posture and healthy joints.

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