Why do I keep falling on my Right Side?

Written by Ann Wilkinson, P.T.M.S. Posted in Hands on Health .

Q: I seem to frequently fall on my right side. I have had several injuries over the last ten years but it seems whenever I fall it is always on the right side. Do I have some type of neurological problem?

A: Sometimes when someone has an injury there can be an imbalance created at the pelvis. Especially if one leg went out in front and the other went backwards or if the fall was on one buttocks or the other. The ilia which is like a wing of the pelvis rotates on the sacrum, the ball and socket joint becomes compromised in that the leg for which the ilia is rotated in the forward plane appears longer to the rest of the body as compared to the other side.

 This is likely the culprit because it not only causes the center of gravity to be off center and the forces from the ground up, to converge on one of the sacroiliac joints, rather than into the sacrum centrally. The rotation of the pelvis will create the tendency of the body to tilt, lean or be prone to fall toward the side that the pelvis or ilia is rotated anterior. It is really important to correct the alignment of the pelvis and restore the normal length and tension to all the muscles of the pelvis. This will translate upward to the neck, eyes and brain allowing normal righting and neurological input and responses and also downward to the feet so that the proprioceptive information that travels upward to the pelvis and brain is dependable, accurate and symmetrical. All orthopedic problems cause misinformation in the neurological system of the body this does not mean there is necessarily a neurological defect however.

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