Why Can Some Practitioners Sense Your Pain?

Written by Ann Wilkinson, P.T.M.S. Posted in Hands on Health .

Q: I have been a patient of yours in the past.  One thing always fascinated me that I was wondering if you could explain.  Sometimes I would not tell you where I was hurting and even if it was not the complaint I came to you for, you would drop your hand right on it.  How is it possible for a practitioner to know where the pain is without being told?

A: There is a great deal to this life time and this world we live in, that we cannot see.  A great deal of our world lies in the realm of quantum physics.  This aspect of living which the old time osteopaths were very aware of, has much to do with electromagnetic exchange of information that lies in the realm beyond bombarding of electrons: in the elements yet smaller than the electrons, protons and neutrons. 

Acupuncture and homeopathy function in this dimension.  Now as a practitioner becomes seasoned so to speak, they begin to access the aspect of their being and that of the patients that is unseen.  The electromagnetic aspect, some may call the soul, others the etheric body or more directly the vibrational aspect of each other.  Here communication occurs without words and is actually more accurate than words.  Sometimes the patients words can throw the therapist off the real, maybe more painful tract emotionally, spiritually, physically, and so=2 0on.  I have found that if I treat a horse or two before I treat my human patients this extra sensory perception becomes heightened.  I get the experience of communication on the non-verbal level and then I do not feed so deeply into the verbal communication of the human. You see, the Phillies game or the lack of parking spaces is really a distraction to what is really going on for them.

There is an empathetic situation that may occur also, where there is a feeling of pain or tightness in my body that makes me move to a particular area in the patients body and when it is relieved or releases, I actually feel the release in my own body.


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