Your Eyes needs SunBlock Too

Written by Brian Strauss. Posted in Family Health.

SunblockSunglasses have become a large part of our fashion culture, with an incredible variety of shapes, sizes, styles and colors to choose from the possibilities are endless. However, are those great looking shades protecting your eyes from the harmful rays of the sun? While it may be inexplicable for any of us to knowingly cause damage to our eyes, the facts are that unless the sunglasses have built in UV protections, we may be harming our eyes. Of course, sunglasses are part of our fashion persona and they have to look fabulous with our clothing, as well as while driving or hanging out at the beach. Fortunately, most of the designer sunglasses now come with a base of “Nutritional Facts” listing the UV protections that their sunglasses offer.
The sun produces radiation known as UV or Ultraviolet Rays, which we understand while on the beach, slathering ourselves with sunscreen, protecting our skin from the damaging rays of the sun, and safeguarding ourselves from painful sunburn and the possibility of skin cancer. Just as the sun’s rays have the ability to damage your skin, the same is true when it comes to your eyes, and without the proper protection, the sunrays have the ability to cause devastating damage to your eyes.
UVA, UVB’s—are both rays that are absorbed by the eye, although many scientists agree that UVA does not cause any damaging effects, it is still a greatly debated topic.
Eye professionals recommend that sunglasses should block at least 70% of the UVB rays and 60% of the UVA rays; some of the better sunglasses on the market are offering protections of up to 98%.
Most of the major designers have your best interest in mind and most designer sunglasses do have an appropriate amount of protection and look great too. So don’t stop looking for the perfect pair of sunglasses just start looking for the perfect pair— with the perfect amount of UV protection.
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