The Law of Attraction for Greater Health

Written by Dr Scott Rosenthal. Posted in Family Health.

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MRJ:  My own story acts as a clear example, so let’s start there. I was under a lot of physical and emotional stress during my 2nd year of college.  In addition to the basic stress of college life, I was completely obsessed with getting the approval of others. I had concluded long ago that what others thought of me determined my sense of well-being. Getting the “right” grades, looking the “right” way, acting the “right” way and doing things for approval took precedence over all else. I was constantly focused on what was wrong with my life and what I was missing. The Law of Attraction kept giving me more of what I perceived was wrong with me and led to more experiences that reinforced my negative beliefs. The harder I tried for approval, the more I ended up with less and less! This cycle eventually led to an eating disorder and mercury poisoning (although unknown at the time). The more I pushed away and ignored my feelings, the sicker I got. I was at my lowest point when I realized I couldn’t remember the last time I had felt happy. 
I searched all the way back to childhood and grasped onto the feeling of joy I had then. I had been a pretty happy and healthy child. I became committed to finding my joy again- to be that healthy, joyous person I remembered being as a child. After I made that commitment, the resources I needed to support me were attracted to my life: the doctor who diagnosed the Mercury poisoning and helped me remove it, the therapist who helped me create new, more empowering beliefs, the boyfriend who worked at a health food store and knew all kinds of foods and supplements to support my healing. One after another, the support systems would fall into my lap through friends, ideas, and circumstances. Through my new belief system, the Law of Attraction supported me in regaining my health and well-being! 
I started reading books about the Law of Attraction. I was astounded to see how I had been using The Law unconsciously to create a life of stress, drama, and illness based on the core belief that I was not good enough. Through Consciously changing my core belief to “I am good enough”, and “I can love myself unconditionally no matter what anyone else thinks”. I can focus on what is good in my life and commit myself to creating joy. The Law of Attraction supported me on my powerful journey back to health, wellness and joy.  
  Dr. R: Will you please share a few attraction techniques to help us create better mental and/or physical health in our lives? 
  MRJ: The most important tool in creating better mental and/or physical health is to become acutely aware of your negative emotions and the beliefs to which they are attached.  Don’t push the emotions away.  Instead, use those negative emotions to guide you to the underlying belief. Then replace it with a new belief that reflects what you want to experience. At that point, you are adding strength to your new belief system. 
The next few tools are available to help you continue to strengthen and reinforce that new belief system: 
Gratitude – Positive focus encourages positive growth, so take the time to notice, write about, and share the aspects of your body that are healthy now.  The more you appreciate the good health you do have, the more the universe can support you in creating it in other areas of your body.  Return to this gratitude throughout the day. Habitually get into an Attitude of Gratitude! 
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