The Law of Attraction for Greater Health

Written by Dr Scott Rosenthal. Posted in Family Health.

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In contrast, Michael, who also had a few severe illnesses during childhood, had parents who constantly focused on how quickly he healed from each illness, how each illness built antibodies that made his immune system stronger, and instructed him in ways he could strengthen his immunity to prevent illness in the future. Michael unconsciously took on the belief system practiced by his parents, which keeps him in a healthy mindset around flu season. This belief system allows Michael to be more in tune with his body. He rests more when his body needs it, consumes extra vitamins and takes other positive actions that support his robust health. 
Susie and Michael both experienced illness in early childhood. Because of the their different belief systems, created in childhood while dealing with those illnesses, the Law of Attraction took effect and created very different levels of health in adulthood. 
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