The Law of Attraction for Greater Health

Written by Dr Scott Rosenthal. Posted in Family Health.

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 Who wants better health, greater wealth and more rewarding relationships? The real question is “who doesn’t?” Why do some seem to easily attain all they desire, while others are left with constant yearning? You can gain the answer to that question through better understanding of what is commonly known as the “Law of Attraction.” 

To help us learn how we can use the Law of Attraction to improve our lives, particularly our health, I interviewed a woman with expertise and practice in the life-changing field. Michelle Renee Johnson is a Certified Empowerment Coach (CEC), owner of Expanding Joy Coaching and the founding member and organizer of the Living the Secret Meetup Group - Delaware Area. She also instructs Law of Attraction classes at regional and national locations. 
  Dr. R.:  What is the Law of Attraction? 
  MRJ:  The basic premise of Law of Attraction is that you attract into your life ideas, people and circumstances that match what you believe.  It’s not just any one thought that creates your life, but a habitual pattern of thinking, which we refer to as a belief.  Emotions are indicators of a belief system that we create from what either serves us (positive emotion) or does not serve us (negative emotion). 
Dr. R.: Will you please explain how the Law of Attraction affects our health?  
MJR: Let me use an example to better explain how the Law of Attraction works in relation to health. Meet Susie and Michael. After a few severe illnesses during childhood, Susie created a belief that she just has a weak immune system and is prone to illness. This belief was reinforced by her mother’s constant warnings telling her to be careful of dangerous germs. From that belief system, she regularly worried about getting sick, which dropped her immune system’s strength and continually attracted illnesses to reflect that belief. 
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