Meet Jurdy

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Meet Jurdy

Jenifer Reed Jurden

             Born in 1958 in Wilmington, Delaware, Jenifer Jurden was raised in a cartooning household where making others laugh was top priority.  She credits her father Jack Jurden, a longtime syndicated editorial cartoonist for her abilities to infuse a unique outlook on seemingly simple everyday life.  Drawing before she could even walk, Jenifer learned to communicate volumes in a single picture.  At the age of eight, she noticed her father’s character at the bottom of his cartoons, and decided there and then to create a character of her own.  Hence, Jurdy was born…  an other-worldly character who understands our human frenzy and offers comic relief amidst our harried lives! Over the years, a strong friendship formed between this dynamic duo— first handing out cartoons on her school bus at age nine, to later distributing weekly cartoons at work.

Upon graduating from the University of Delaware with a Bachelor of Science in Graphics and Advertising Design, Jenifer orbited into the corporate world first working for a large greeting card company, and thereafter as an Advertising Executive in several firms where she demonstrated a unique talent for combining wit with wisdom.  A 26 year veteran of the corporate world, Jenifer spent 15 years at a Fortune 100 international corporation where, as a First Vice President she learned to combine her creative abilities with a sharp sense of business and humor. Jurdy was a primary asset in Jurden’s repertoire of management tools and together Jenifer and Jurdy have won the hearts and loyalty of many. They are now focused on engaging humans worldwide on the topic of green and helping them to “get grinning, get greening.” See Jurdy now at two websites! :   and  

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