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Kitchen products,appliances and accessories

Diamond Glasses

1 Diamond Glasses

Be the diamond in the rough with this set of diamond style glasses. Fashioned to look like a diamond; these glasses stand at an angle which allows you to rotate the glass in way in which you enjoy the full bodied flavour of your favourite whiskey! Relax, top-up and drink a diamond!
Champion Juicer Household Model

Champion Juicer Household Model

Champion Juicer Household Model
Powered by a 1/3 horsepower electric motor. An Improved model with more starting torque, stainless steel motor shaft with latest design of front and rear endshield, front and rear ball bearings for smoother running and cooler operation.

Rosle Apple Corer

Fruit or vegetables are divided into eight equal parts and the core is cut out separately. The wide handles give a good grip and ensure optimum transmission of pressure. Ideal for apples and pears as well as potatoes.
Hen House Linens-Table Setting in Style

Hen House Linens-Table Setting in Style

Holiday table settings
make your table festive by mixing new table linens with your traditional table setting and accessories!

Cloth Dinner Napkins are available in a variety of patterns and colors. Soft & inviting 100% cotton, requires no ironing.
Color-fast dyes allow for ease of machine-washing and drying.
Ronco® Ready™ Grill

Ronco® Ready™ Grill

If you need a quick grilled meal indoors -cook it up with the Ronco Ready Grill. Add a simple must-have for mealtimes with The Ronco Ready Grill. This one-of-its-kind indoor cooking system prepares healthy, delicious food with a great grilled flavor in less than 20 minutes. The Ready Grill was recently awarded an Innovation Award by industry publication Housewares Executive for its novelty in the Indoor Grills category. Its infrared technology and vertically suspended grill basket prepares restaurant-quality meals in minutes, inside the comfort of home. The Ready Grill accommodates something for everyone; even frozen food is prepared without the hassle and time spent defrosting. Its patented external drip tray removes grease and fat by the power of gravity, making it a healthier way to cook for today's busy families. The Ready Grill on promotion at https://www.readygrill.co
Cinnamon Set

1 Cinnamon Set

natural, earthy box that smells as good as it looks. Rough-hewn circular box is made entirely from cinnamon bark, with carved leaf motif fitted lid. Box is sized to hold cinnamon sticks. Cinnamon trees have a life cycle of five years, after which the bark is used for crafts and the wood is burned as cooking fuel or ground up to make cinnamon dust.

Cinnamon bark
3Dx4H inches
Made in Vietnam
Slate Cheese Board With Chalk - 12 X 18

Slate Cheese Board With Chalk - 12 X 18

Our most traditional size and shape slate cheese board is the 12” x 18”. Its large size gives you ample room to arrange an assortment of cheeses, meats and crackers. It also allows for plenty of space for writing cheese names or adding pairing support items like charcuterie. Each Large Slate Cheese Board is leveled and finished with clear, non-slip acrylic feet and comes with a stick of Pure Soapstone Chalk
Square Slate Plate (Set of 4) - 10 x 10
The plate that started it all was of course, the original Slateplate! This 10”x10” square slate dining plate is the perfect size as it provides plenty of space for food and visual appeal alike. Clean-up is simple and fast with a quick rub down with soap and warm water or you can just toss it in the dishwasher. Your purchase includes four slate dining plates.
Brazen Plus Coffee Brew System

1 Brazen Plus Coffee Brew System

The Brazen Plus brew system has features not found on any other consumer coffee maker. Settings are adjustable for water brewing temperature and pre-soak like found on many commercial brewers. Set your brewing temperature between 190F and 210F with accuracy to within 1 degree. A patent-pending feature allows temperature calibration with altitude correction. The oversized shower head and pulsed water flow ensures complete coffee bed saturation for terrific coffee extraction. 2-year warranty. Permanent filter included or use paper filters. Thermal carafe with brew through lid keeps coffee hot. The Brazen Plus is one of the very few as Home Brewer certified by the Specialty Coffee Association of America.

Features: Capacity: 1.2 Liter, 40oz, 8 5oz cups Temperature Control: Set brewing temperature from 190F-210F (88C-99C) Programmable Brew Start Time: Wake up to coffee with timed brew setting Ideal Coffee Extraction:
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