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Kitchen products,appliances and accessories

Emile Henry Bread Cloche

Emile Henry Bread Cloche

The ceramic Bread Cloche with its bell shaped cover allows you to proof your bread directly in the bread cloche. The lid also traps steam from the baking bread to create an environment similar to a steam-injected oven. The steam gives the bread a crunchy, chewy crust. Recipe and Instruction booklet included. www.emilehenryusa.com
Emile Henri Chicken Roaster

1 Emile Henri Chicken Roaster

The Chicken Roaster makes roasting a whole chicken easy. Just season and Cook!

 Professional chefs and home cooks appreciate Emile Henry for the many products and shapes that are properly designed for cooking and baking. The products have the right dimensions, the correct depth and the special features that make Emile Henry products so desirable for everyone that enjoys cooking and eating great foods. We offer cookware products such as baking dishes and cake stands, and the discerning gourmand will recognize the quality in every loaf pan, casserole dish, stew pot, handcrafted pie dish, trivet, tagine, and brazier we create.Emile Henry
 iCoffee Opus Single Serve Brewer

iCoffee Opus Single Serve Brewer

The ICoffee Opus makes a smooth tasting cup of coffee every time. Adjustable brew strength. Includes: Bonus iCup reusable cup for brewing your own coffee. 6 count variety coffee pod starter pack. Spinbrew™ technology steams, spins and stirs inside the K style cup to virtually eliminate acidic and bitter aftertaste.

NatureZWay Bamboo Towels

NatureZWay Bamboo Towels

The perforated towel has the strength of cloth, and the ability to be rinsed & reused up to 100 times before being thrown away (based on usage). Once bamboo makes its way to the trash It leaves little to no harm to the earth, so you can have zero guilt that it will live forever in a landfill. The NatureZway Bamboo Floor Wipe, is designed to fit any cleaning tool, use wet or day and safe on surfaces including mother earth! And, in case you were wondering, Bamboo is from the grass family and there are over 1200 species and the type of Bamboo uses Mr. Panda wants for lunch.
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