We are Not Truly Alone

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 “An angel named Indriel came to earth bringing light and beauty, wearing a heart around her neck.”

 Unconditional love.  Consistent and abundant support.  Undying loyalty.  Unwavering patience.  These are all things that we as humans seek out on some level whether consciously or subconsciously.  These are things that “feed” us and keep us strong and moving in a forward progression with our lives.  When one of these is missing, we find that we become “lost,” feel very alone, depressed, and even stagnant- each to varying degrees.  The good news is these are not a reality; we as human beings were meant to believe. The bad news is that we get so caught up with the everyday challenges we face that we forget that we are truly very abundant in all of the areas above. 

However, no one is ever alone and every single person has their own personal support system to help them move through the obstacles they face in their lives.  Angels are found surrounding each and every one of us without fail and without judgment or prejudice; they help us every single day, with every single thing we face.

Who are the angels?

     There are two different classifications of angels:  Archangels and Guardian Angels.  Both classifications of Angels are non-denominational, androgynous, celestial beings who are basically extensions of Creator, Source, Spirit, God or whomever it is that you pray to. (Guardian Angels are the closest to us, followed by the Archangels.)  They have never walked the earthly plane, and only seek to love us and support us as we walk our path this lifetime and learn the lessons (both easy and difficult) that our souls signed up to learn during this lifetime.  They are always there and always willing to help, no matter the task, in a way that serves our highest good.  However, the one thing is that they can never intervene with our lives because each of us has free will to make decisions or take actions.  The only time they can intervene is if we are in jeopardy of being removed from this plane before it is our time to go.  Other than that, you must ask for their assistance.  They will never turn their back on you.

 Archangels have a variety of specialties and come to us whenever we ask for them to, while Guardian angels focus more on each of us as individuals, helping us specifically with our life path, and stay with us from our births until our physical deaths.  Every person has at a minimum of two guardian angels, no matter what.  One acts as the nurturer and comforter, while the other acts as the “cheerleader” of sorts, and pushes us forward on our path and sometimes out of our comfort zone, so that we learn our lessons and accomplish that which we chose to this lifetime.

Many people consider deceased loved ones as “Guardian Angels,” but in reality they serve as Spirit Guides to each of us.  There is only one instance in which they can become “acting” Guardian Angels and that is in times where we are in immediate danger of being harmed or taking from this lifetime before it is our time to go.
 No matter what curves life throws at you or how many “mistakes” or “poor decisions” you make, your Angels will never leave your side nor will they turn their back on you.  Their ultimate goal is to help move you through the challenges of your life as smoothly and peacefully as possible, so you can learn and grow as a soul.  All you have to do is ask!  The fact of the matter is that even on what seems to be your darkest days, you are NEVER alone.


Jamie Faith Eachus, ATP®, RMT is the founder and owner of The Ancient Healing Center.  She is internationally known certified as an Angel Therapy Practitioner® and Medium by Dr. Doreen Virtue specialties however lie with Angel Healing and serving as a Medium to connect people with their deceased loved ones.  She is a Registered Healer with the International Registered Healers Association.  For more information please contact her at 856.358.1795 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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