2009: Birthing Awakening from Chaos

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      With the first quarter of 2009 nearly at completion, we find ourselves faced with the recognition that our lives are changing.  Each of us has experienced some degree of personal chaos perhaps in the form of career or relationship issues.  Or does of sense of peace get unsettled by the media reminders that our financial structures are changing, our Earth’s eco-systems are injured and our global safety is seeking stability.

      As humanity sails into the power-enriched storm of shift are we ready to brace the mighty wind of awakening that is calling to every soul on the planet?  This single question brings forward the familiar call from our heart that compels us to keep moving forward regardless of the many outward expressions that seek to keep us stuck.  That is, do we allow fear to provoke us into reactive decisions or do we use the winds of change to lift us to new perspectives?

      A simple review of the predominant energy of the past eight years easily reminds us that fear has become the “new normal” for many people.  We have collectively allowed fear to motivate our financial and emotional decisions; fear is in fact, extraordinarily profitable, unlimited, and everywhere!  This single form of repressed energy has brought many expressions to the forefront of our global and indeed universal consciousness.  The good news is that not all of these expressions are negative.

      Celebrate that you are indeed healing your fear! The combined energies of inspiration, awakening and recognition are a powerful combination when harnessed. Together, they are able assist anyone who is willing, to transit through the energy of being fear-full to anchoring the energy of being fear-less!  How?

      We learn through contrast. You begin with allowing yourself to be inspired, to connect with your true inner guidance system.  We are at the time where a plethora of information in all forms is available and easily accessible.  In this era of chaos and awakening, lots of people are inspired to offer solutions and teachings. Take a deep breath with your hand on your heart as you navigate this ocean of information and let yourself find that which resonates with you.  One simple and always accurate test of the information you are acquiring is simply this:
Does the information leave you feeling uplifted and inspired?  Does it enhance your way of life or does it leave you feeling you must judge another or feeling less than?

      True inspiration ALL-WAYS leaves you feeling a greater sense of peace and harmony with everything!  This is an important discernment for these times.  There are many well-crafted fear-based inspirations that are vying for your attention.

      A wonderful example of this is found in the many interpretations of the rapid escalation toward 2012.  Does your curiosity about a potential apocalypse stimulate you to watch a movie or TV show that expounds this as true?  Do you cruise the internet to compare doom and gloom prophecies?  Sure, you may hope that they won’t happen, however the curious mind is seeking food based upon a collective energy of fear.  

      Ask yourself, how do I feel after the experience of the information?  This type of information is just one example of the empowerment of profitable fear in action.  It becomes easy to see how quickly fear can stimulate us.
Yet, through this experience we can also stimulate our true freedom.  By pausing, hand to heart, you can cultivate discernment and expand your self-trust.  With the invitation of true inspiration into our lives, we will expand our authentic awakening beyond the outer illusion that seeks to keep us limited.  

      Around each of us is the ocean of thoughts created by all beings on this planet.  Let’s refer to this as the planetary “thought body”.  Every moment of every day, even while we are sleeping, we are affected by this energy.  With each moment of conscious awareness we interact with this body of thought by offering to it our thoughts.

      Awakening is the moment when we take responsibility for our thoughts and actions.  When we awake, we become response-able!  Let’s offer our highest thoughts and visions as conscious gifts to this collective ocean of thought.  Let’s thereby free ourselves to transcend limiting planetary fear-based belief systems, and enter into the cosmic ocean of divine presence.

      This is actually not that difficult to achieve.  It simply demands a focus and commitment to being awakened.  This gift is your birthright and once you allow this to come forward for you, the gateway of recognition opens effortlessly.  Awakening is not a solution or a plan…rather it is a state of Beingness from which healthy action (and solutions!) will naturally arise.  Awakening is actually a recognition.

      Once we enter the gateway of recognition, we come forward from the slumber that has kept us hiding from ourselves. We finally see with clear eyes.  It is as if we have just removed a veil of drowsiness that did its best to help us forget that we ARE the co-creative blessing of this beloved planet!

      Through the empowerment of recognition, all actions are clearly understood and true service to humanity becomes the only action without interference.  

      To understand, is to recognize without doubt that everything in the outer world has lovingly conspired to bring us all to this divine choice point in our collective experience.

      It has and all-ways will be our choice as to how we will navigate the next few years.  Now is the moment to be inspired to awaken beyond the curious mind so that the recognition of your Divine mind emerges.  It is simply a choice.

      It is the ultimate “ah-ha” moment when you can embody the perspective that it is not about any one being, it is about our collective ability to fully embrace each other.  It’s about our own divine recognition. Many have come close to understanding and living this energy and then through the collective ocean of planetary thought, distort its meaning and offer convoluted teachings.

      Arriving at communion with cosmic flow, this divine embrace transcends all lower forms of energy and births a world based upon synergy, compassion, understanding and recognition.  This availability of divine energy is truly the underpinning of 2012; we are headed toward greater alignment.  Are you ready to embrace this?

      2009 is a powerful year of cleansing.  Through the energy that will escalate with each month the choice to be inspired will be placed in front of you continually.  We encourage you to join us with others who are already living the energy of inspiration, awakening and recognition so that together we can break free of the illusion of planetary fear-thought and enter into the divine embrace with full recognition.

      On March 13-15 the first gathering to celebrate this “new” consciousness will be held in Burbank.  Beyond any traditional conference or symposium format, this event is truly a Passionate Action Celebration known as 2012: Quantum Leap. (visit www.2012QuantumLeap.com)   

      The “naysayers” believe you are still complacent, and that the illusion of fear is alive and well….keeping you from empowering your truth. What we know is that many in the power establishment are simply clinging on to old structures that are falling away. If the energy of hope has lifted your spirits, then join us in the next step, empowered heart-centered action.  We are inspired that you are awakening every day to greater clarity of what is truly of service and what is not.  We recognize YOU as a fear-less gift in complete alignment with the Divine Mind.

      May every moment and every breath enhance that abundant nature and we look forward to sharing that celebration with you.

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