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Champion Juicer Household Model

Champion Juicer Household Model

Champion Juicer Household Model
Powered by a 1/3 horsepower electric motor. An Improved model with more starting torque, stainless steel motor shaft with latest design of front and rear endshield, front and rear ball bearings for smoother running and cooler operation.
Cinnamon Set

1 Cinnamon Set

natural, earthy box that smells as good as it looks. Rough-hewn circular box is made entirely from cinnamon bark, with carved leaf motif fitted lid. Box is sized to hold cinnamon sticks. Cinnamon trees have a life cycle of five years, after which the bark is used for crafts and the wood is burned as cooking fuel or ground up to make cinnamon dust.

Cinnamon bark
3Dx4H inches
Made in Vietnam
Compartés Chocolatier

Compartés Chocolatier

Turkish Hazelnut Nougat / Dark Chocolate Truffles
Compartes classic homemade holiday nougat blanketed in deep dark gourmet chocolate. We make our holiday nougat from scratch European style with the fresh roasted Turkish hazelnuts (the best hazelnuts in the world), premium organic chocolate, and just a hint of crunch. This traditional nougat is then layered in our dark chocolate for a decadent and divine chocolate experience. Adorned with our signature red print for holidays.
Istanbul Chocolate Bar
Turkish Hazelnut, Raisins & Dark Chocolate

Colossal Paper Machines

1 Colossal Paper Machines

With the materials to make ten incredible machines with fully movable parts, this book is truly a triumph in art and design.
Think of this as the world’s most compact toy box. In addition to their moving parts, the machines serve perfect models for kids who marvel at big trucks, creative minds that love to build, and parents looking for an activity that doesn’t require batteries. Plus the book is filled with useful information that teaches all about these different vehicles. In every way, this book amazes and entertains long after the projects are completed—making COLOSSAL PAPER MACHINES a perfect, wholly unique gift this holiday season.
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