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Lavish Leathers

1 Lavish Leathers

Lavish Leathers
Handcrafted Leather Jewelry
Antique Gold Pendant Olive Tassel Beaded Necklace

Lavish Leathers is owned by sisters, Amber & Sienna. Raised in a family where creativity ran wild, both have vivid memories of their mom making homemade Barbie outfits or sitting down with their grandfather and watching him paint. Amber & Sienna were taught at a young age the joy of creating and sharing it with others. Through the encouragement of friends and family Lavish Leathers opened for business in March of 2015 with the hope of being able to share its handcrafted products with others. Amber & Sienna continue to create and innovate new and fabulous Lavish Leathers products and are always working on the next great accessory for their lovely LL ladies!


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Carried Away Leather Bag॒॒–This is the perfect GNO bag. Imagine being out on the town with your best girl pals and being able to hold a wine glass, and be the center of attention with ease. The 3 inch solid metal rings will allow you to slip your hand in comfortably. It is all hand crafted with gorgeous supple leather and a detachable tassel that can be placed on any other fashion bag.

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