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Deejo Custom Knife

1 Deejo Custom Knife

Meet our two cross-country epicureans, Luc Foin and Stéphane Lebeau, in their short-lived affair with a restaurant knife sporting the cutting edge of a potato. As great ideas are often born of necessity, they designed the Deejo.

The first unique-alloy nomadic knife boasting superior quality and weightlessness. A fine blade designed to slice the toughest, roughest dishes in delicate precision.
Small as a pen, strong as the most-powerful of knives.

Easy to carry, to use, to make your own. Deejo goes beyond the pocket knife, by offering customization.
By tattooing the blade, as we tattoo our skin with a symbol dear to us. Deejo becomes unique, more beautiful, a personal object, a part of us.

This is the story of a personal possession, everything but an accessory. One that carries on its blade, the mark of its owner.

Deejo Custom Knife


DaVinci Miqro Vaporizer

1 DaVinci Miqro Vaporizer

Product Review:Innovative compact Vaporizer, Clean hitting, great flavor, easy to clean. Fully adjustable oven. I find it to be more 

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of a personal vaporizer not really one to pass around. Because it has  small  battery, the battery  life is shorter but Davinci includes a se

Davinci Miqro Vaporizer  Innovation in Product and Mindset. With Davinci Miqro, we’ve crafted a portable vaporizer to fit your lifestyle. 33% smaller than its predecessor and with a fully functional adjustable oven, this small vaporizer is sleek and simple. cond battery just in case, with a holder to keep some extra vape material on hand. Highly Recommended! 


Drive Sleek Vehicle Signal Booster Kit

1 Drive Sleek Vehicle Signal Booster Kit

Drive Sleek Vehicle Signal Booster Kit by weboost
Signal boosters increase cell signal by collecting signals with a powerful antenna, delivering those signals to the booster, amplifying the cell signals so your devices receive them, and delivering your device’s boosted signals back to the cell tower.

Dolce & Gabbana Clea Velvet Floral Clutch

1 Dolce & Gabbana Clea Velvet Floral Clutch

Exquisite velvet embroidery accentuates the regal design of a structured, Italian-crafted clutch lined in fiery leather and finished with gleaming hardware.

Deluxe Spa Gift Set Gift Wrapped!

1 Deluxe Spa Gift Set Gift Wrapped!

Deluxe Spa Gift Basket Hydrating Olive Oil Skin Therapy Kit Luxury Gift Wrapped & Ready to Deliver

OLIVE OIL for Radiant Skin & Hair!
Each spa gift set contains Pure Olive Oil for the ultimate in skin & hair care, just like an expensive Spa Treatment.

Olive oil contains potent antioxidants whichinclude vitamin E and polyphenols, which help to gather and neutralize free radicals that can otherwise damage the skin and advance the appearance of aging.
Olive oil has also been used all the years for sleek, healthy hair. It helps cure dandruff, dry scalp & itchiness.

From new moms, to busy corporate CEOs everyone will benefit from a dose of Olive Oil Treatments!

All you need for the complete Spa Experience: Shower Gel, Body Lotion, Body Spray, Bubble Bath & Loofah

Premium Presentation: Dressed to Impress the highest expectations in everlasting elegant metalic tub

Beloved olive oil fragrance that is perfectly balanced with nourishing benefits

High quality ingredients to prevent skin irritation, leaving your skin silky smooth & moisturized.

Send direct to your loved ones :Gift basket is beautifully shrink wrapped with ribbon & hangtag. Just select your personalized gift note for that personal touch!

When you’re looking for the perfect gift for your loved one, you can be sure that this Deluxe Olive Oil Spa Bathtub Bath & Body Giftset will leave the recipient Renewed & Rejuvenated!
So go ahead and give the Gift of Pure Love!


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