Where's Valentino?

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Whether a person is willing to admit it or not, we know that, everyone has searched for Waldo at least once or twice in his or her lifetime.

Actually, we have a complete set of the “Where’s Waldo” Books and have successfully found him in all of them, ...Well almost all of them, except for one. We have since made up our minds that the one page that we cannot find him on must be a mistake, a misprint maybe, and he is not on there at all. Looking and re-looking over the years has never allowed us to rest, and we occasionally pull the book out for what we profess to be the very last search…of course until the next time we feel compelled to look.

We desperately needed something to take our minds off Waldo and that page; you know the one they forgot to place him in anyway, because what other logical reason could there possibly be for us not being able to find him?

Therefore, we decided to create something that would divert our energy away from you know who, and brilliantly came up with “Where’s Valentino?” Only thank goodness we are not the ones that have to find him... you do. So you see we can drive everyone else crazy looking for Valentino and we can relax because of course we know where he is.

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