Cristi Miller -classy, chic and comfortable

Cristi Miller -classy, chic and comfortable

When you meet Cristi Miller, the first word that comes to mind is “stylish.” Her look is classy, chic and comfortable; three words that also describe the cosmetics and accessories boutique she owns and operates, Houppette in Greenville, Delaware. Having a life-long interest in style that started while playing with Barbie Dolls and grew as she attended the Fashion Institute of Technology in Manhattan; Cristi says she specifically fell in love with the beauty side of the industry. When Cristi, a resident of Kennett Square, isn’t working her go to outfit is casual, jeans and a t-shirt. “I like to be relaxed on the weekends,” she says, while doing some of her favorite activities, such as cooking, gardening, entertaining and being at home with her friends and family.

1.      Are you inspired by a particular designer or celebrity? 

Not anyone in particular. I pay attention and look at all the trends, the red carpet events and designers but I dress based on my mood and what I like. If I had to pick someone, I would say Cindy Crawford. I admire her style, confidence and how she embraces her age.

2.      Where do you shop?

I do most of my shopping locally because I like supporting the local businesses. I frequent Peter Kate and Ellie the most because they are in Greenville, where I work.

3.      How often do you shop?

I shop when I need something or when I am in New York on business. It’s great to see all the trends and styles of the city.

4.      Do you look for a bargain or is price not an issue if you really love it?

Everybody loves a bargain but there are some things that you just can’t live without. I tend to splurge on handbags and great costume jewelry.

5.      Do current fashion trends affect your personal style? 

To a degree but not entirely. I like to keep up with the trends both personally and professionally but not every trend is right for every person and I believe in dressing based on what looks good on you. One trend I am not a fan of is the Boyfriend Jean.

6.      How many pairs of shoes do you own?

I couldn’t tell you! I do love shoes!

7.      Do you continue to use and wear the clothes that you already have or does every new season require a new wardrobe?

I bring in new pieces here and there to “tweak” my wardrobe. I tend to get a lot of wear out of my clothes and when they get tired, I replace them. I don’t go overboard and instead of owning 12 pairs of Jeans, I stick with 3 nice pairs.

8.      Does your job / life style play a part in determining what you are able to wear?

Yes, very much. I own a boutique so I need to look put together however I am busy so comfort is important.

9.      If you had endless amounts of money what article of clothing would you purchase?

I think I would buy a long, beautiful shearling coat.

10. What shopping secrets, strategies and or recommendations can you share with Living Well Magazine readers?

My strategy is to shop and buy what looks good on you. You should shop for your figure and your own style. Do not worry about trends because every trend does not look good on every person.



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