Cindy Youngcourt - multi-faceted

Cindy Youngcourt - multi-faceted

Cindy Youngcourt, 34, would describe her wardrobe as multi-faceted based on where she is in her day. As a business woman, she is a Client Manager at a local financial planning firm; Cindy starts her day in basic corporate attire. At the end of the work day it’s time to throw on a comfy pair of Ugg boots and velour sweats to play with her two dogs and her toddler, Izaak. However, Cindy doesn’t let her limited style choices on the weekdays get in the way of her love for fashion. “When I go out to dinner or drinks, I like to wear dramatic pieces that do not fit into my daily life-shirts with interesting details, such as sequins or low backs, knee high boots, and sweater-dresses,” she says.

1.      Are you inspired by a particular designer or celebrity?

Even years later, I still enjoy watching the cast from Sex and the City in both the tv show and the movie. Their wardrobes are fabulous! Although none of their styles are totally me, I liked different things each of the girls wore. I especially loved Carrie’s accessories and funky sense of style. I also really like Michael Kors-both his casual items like jeans and his pretty, feminine tops for work.

2.      Where do you shop?

Locally, I shop in Glen Mills at Banana Republic, King of Prussia, Concord and Christiana Malls. When I had the time, I liked to peruse the consignment and vintage shops on South Street. I bought a vintage velvet blazer years ago that I still really love. I also like the unique accessories at Tiger Lilli.

3.      How often do you shop?

I shop around online weekly and look at the latest trends. I shop in stores a few times a month

4.      Do you look for a bargain or is price not an issue if you really love it?

I love to look for bargains, especially in this economy. Retailers that never before offered coupons and discounts are now offering them. That being said, if I love something, I will buy it! 

5.      Do current fashion trends affect your personal style?

I like to take a few things that are current that I also personally love and flatter me and incorporate them into my wardrobe. Just because something is trendy does not mean it will work for your age, style, body type. I really love the 80s leggings and drapey tops and sleeves-the modern version that is available today is much classier than what was offered in the 80’s.

6.      How many pairs of shoes do you own?

Before I had my son, I had about 50 pairs. Now that my feet have grown a size, I am slowly replenishing my shoe closet. I have about 25. I can never get enough boots in the winter and flip flops in the summer.

7.      Do you continue to use and wear the clothes that you already have or does every new

season require a new wardrobe?

I continue to wear clothes that I love and that fit me well and are made well. I try really hard to donate a few items every time I shop because my closets are stuffed. I like to add key pieces every season, but don’t replace my entire wardrobe. You can always build on classics. I have started to like to play with “pop” pieces and different accessories. I also like to pair a bright pair of shoes with an otherwise neutral outfit or add a scarf or unique bracelet or necklace.

8.      Does your job / life style play a part in determining what you are able to wear?

My job dictates that I wear business attire which is why I like to add interesting accessories; shoes, scarves. When I go home, I have been in business clothes all day and have a toddler so that usually means Uggs and a sweat outfit. I am a fan of lounge wear from Victoria’s Secret. 

9.      If you had endless amounts of money what article of clothing would you purchase?

I hope shoes count! I would definitely purchase a really expensive pair of shoes, possibly Jimmy Choos or Manolos. The quality and workmanship that go into making these shoes are impressive; I just could never justify the price.

10. What shopping secrets, strategies and or recommendations can you share with Living Well Magazinereaders?

Shopping online is a great time saver and many websites allow free or discounted return shipping. Also, always buy something that fits today and not 5 pounds from now. Any article of clothing will look more expensive and more flattering if it is tailored. E-bay is a great place for finding unique things. I have bought vintage purses and broaches that really change the look of an outfit. Always buy from buyers with positive ratings. Also, don’t be afraid to pair a bright pair of pumps with a different colored bag. Jewelry does not need to be matchy-matchy, it looks much more interesting to have coordinating pieces, not sets.


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